The Law of Attraction: What It Is and How to Apply It

The Law of Attraction is one of the many so-called universal laws and it states that like attracts like, that whatever you think about, in a regular basis, you will bring it about. The idea behind it is that we are the main creators of our own life, of our own reality, based on whatContinue reading “The Law of Attraction: What It Is and How to Apply It”

What the Universe is and How to Speak to it

Let’s clarify what the Universe really is and how we can effectively talk to it to obtain the guidance we seek It was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey that the word Universe started to pop up in all my online searches, in all the YouTube videos I was watching, in all theContinue reading “What the Universe is and How to Speak to it”

How To Manifest Permanent Abundance: The Ultimate Secret

What nobody tells about creating a successful life and manifest permanent abundance in your current life and future ones Ah! “Manifestation”, Ah! “Abundance”, Ah! “Manifest the life you want in a few seconds”…in the last few years, MANIFESTATION and CO-CREATION seem to have become the main subjects for anyone working in the spiritual and fieldsContinue reading “How To Manifest Permanent Abundance: The Ultimate Secret”

What is the Crown Chakra?

Everything you need to know about the seventh chakra (Sahasrara): a complete guide for beginners At the top or just above the head we find the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit language. This is where we can access higher consciousness, to the “god light”, to all that is, was and ever will be. TheContinue reading “What is the Crown Chakra?”


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