12 Indicators You Are a Lightworker

Lightworkers are those beings reincarnated on Earth to assist in the shift of consciousness that is happening as we speak, helping other people finding their own light.

This article about how to know you are a lightworker is going to give you all the info you need to understand if you are one of these special beings who came to Earth in raising the vibrations.

Before you read it thought, I would like to ask you not to get caught up in labels and definitions and those are human concepts of the 3rd dimension, what really matters is their mission: helping humanity in raising consciousness.

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How to know you are a Lightworker

  1. You intuitively know you are on Earth at this time to help to raise the collective consciousness.
  2. You have strong natural wisdom, even as a kid and you are emotionally more mature than your peers. Because of this unique characteristic, you often felt misplaced or misunderstood or seen as too deep, too intense or weird.
  3. It is pretty common for Lightworkers to come from a place of trauma or challenge in the early stages of their lives. This happens for a very good reason: to make you stronger and prepare for what is ahead.
  4. You are naturally highly spiritual but far away from being religious.
  5. You are naturally very connected to your Higher Self and always looking for ways to express your uniqueness.
  6. You are NOT afraid of the darkness because you know it is the source of your own light.
  7. You are an old soul. An old soul is a soul that already had many lifetimes as a human being and so fully aware of how the human experience works. Old souls are easily recognisable because they carry different energy, they have already seen it all, they are wise and peaceful, they reject drama and gossip, they shine from the within.
  8. You are an empath.
  9. You have a very strong sense of self-awareness and you are not scared of going deep. You are very pro-active when it comes to your spiritual journey and growth.
  10. You are able to easily manifest your desires as you understand how energy works.
  11. At one point in your current life, you experience an awakening or you ascend opening up to your inner guidance.
  12. You have a natural connection with nature and Gaia.
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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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