Shifting From the 3rd Dimension Into the 5th Dimension of Consciousness

One thing to take into consideration is that we live in the 3rd dimension, in a physical plane, so it’s impossible to live in the vibrations of the 5th dimension of consciousness in a full capacity sort of way. And why is that, you may ask? Well, because we all have a physical body and there are things that we do on this physical plane that “belong” here and not in the 5th dimension.

Like going to the bank, for example. When you do it, you don’t need to be in a 5th dimension of vibrational consciousness, because you’re dealing with something that belongs on this physical plane. But when it comes to your personal journey, to how you generally live your life, relationships, and your own consciousness, then you’re already dealing with the 5th dimension or 5D consciousness. When you experience this shift, you leave behind the things that no longer matter, that you don’t see as important.

Here are 5 things that you don’t do anymore once you shift into the 5th dimension or 5D consciousness:

  • Watching tv/the news. You’re no longer interested in the narrative pushed constantly by the mainstream media and tv in general. For the most part, you think of them as a waste of your valuable time.
  • You no longer care for “chit-chat”, useless conversations and communication. This happens because you start to value not only your space but other people’s too. You become your own mentor.
  • You stop defining yourself, other people, things and events by using negative words. When you shift, you become aware of all sorts of energies, including universal laws, like the Law Of Attraction for example. You realize saying bad things about yourself, other people and things just brings negative energy towards you. Like when you say that you’re fat, or stupid or not worthy of someone or something. You’re more aware of the language that you use.
  • You stop having the victim mentality. Things like, seeing yourself always in an unfavourable position, where you think you’re always at the receiving end of bad things and situations, that those things only happen to you (“I don’t understand why this always happens to me” or “I never have any luck”). You realize you’re the only one responsible for your life and for what you think, say and do, that all of that have a reflection in your life.
  • You stop thinking and acting like life is difficult. Life isn’t difficult at all. Life itself is quite easy, effortless even. What makes life difficult is our own thinking and actions – nothing more. It’s the human part of ourselves that makes simple things complicated, when there’s no need to. You realize that we’re not here to pass tests, to drown ourselves in bureaucracy, to tire ourselves from working and other things, to constantly suffer and learn from pain.

Tips to shift into 5D consciousness:

When you start shifting from the 3rd dimension, the physical plan that you’re on, into the 5th dimension of consciousness, you start loving life for what it is, for the limitless number of opportunities that can present to you, for the actual love that you have for yourself and other people and things; you realize you can manifest anything you want to to have the life you’ve dreamed of, creating your own reality; that there’s always an opportunity to meet not only other souls from the same soul group but the opportunities to always go beyond, further.

When you shift to the 5th dimension, your life becomes easier, so full of power; you become incredibly grateful for being alive and for wanting to always go further, to explore the limitless possibilities in life.

These 5 Things Will Help You Shift Into 5D Consciousness

  • Gratitude. It is so different in this physical plane and on the 5th dimension of consciousness. In the former, you often complain and see the negative in many things, you always want more, whereas in the latter you’re always grateful for what you have. Every time you don’t practice or practice gratitude, you’re sending out signals to the universe. And the Universe will either not give you more things to be grateful for or give you more of those things.
  • Abundance. In the 3rd dimension, we associate abundance with material things, like money, cars, houses, clothing, friends, etc. In the 5th dimension, you realize all souls are equally abundant, that abundance is our birthright and something that comes from within, something unconditional.
  • Stop being a slave to time. Although you live in a dimension governed by time, you must realize that in the 5th dimension there’s no time, only space, and that you must give space to different opportunities, outcomes, possibilities, and uncertainty.
  • Know your soul. Know exactly who you are, what the blocks in your life are and how to remove them, how to manifest exactly what you want. A soul realignment reading can give you all that information and a lot more.
  • Balance. Become very clear of who you are on a soul and spiritual level and take actions on the 3rd dimension that are aligned with your intention in the fifth dimension.

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