What the Universe is and How to Speak to it

Let’s clarify what the Universe really is and how we can effectively talk to it to obtain the guidance we seek

It was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey that the word Universe started to pop up in all my online searches, in all the YouTube videos I was watching, in all the books I was reading and in all the conversations I was having back then with others on a similar path but, it was only years later that I started asking myself a question: “What is the Universe?”.

The God-like definition that many spiritual teachers and mentors were adopting, was not resonating with me so well, the fact that an external force had the power to decide what I deserved and when, was kind of disturbing at times and most definitely not enough. I was never a religious person and one of the things I always rejected, was, in fact an external being, a supreme power above all deciding our faith and our destiny.

Then, one night, I had this personal epiphany, an awakening so to speak: “Stop looking out there”.

Somehow, when I would talk about the Universe, I would always look up, like it was something out there somewhere, unreachable and mysterious, something so powerful that only some were able to understand its secrets.

What the Universe really is

The reality is that the UNIVERSE is not out there, is inside here. Where? In us.
It is not something external we look up to, it is something we hold in ourselves; it is the INNER UNIVERSE. The Inner Universe reflects in the outside what we already have inside, it is a reflection/projection of ourselves, of the reality we decide we want to live.

We are not passive viewers or victim of events, we are actually active protagonists.

Meaning WE ARE THE UNIVERSE, we are God, we are everything and everywhere. There is Unity within and around, there is no separation. WE ARE. Which is to me, the basic understanding to access higher consciousness, like the 5th dimension.

Scientists and physics have come up with theories and studies to prove the existence of higher dimensions without actually managing to agree on numbers and concepts. Some of them say that there are 11 dimensions, some others think there are infinite dimensions out there and some more say 6 dimensions exist (Learn More: The Science Behind the 5th Dimension of Consciousness).
The point is not how many dimensions we decide to recognise scientifically speaking, the point is that whatever that number is, WE ALREADY EXIST IN ALL OF THEM.

We are here, right now, in the 3rd dimension going about our human lives but we already exist higher in consciousness as we exist, as souls, in unity and every single dimension we exist in, is the Universe itself. Be able to access higher dimensions of consciousness building a life in balance between the material and the spiritual is the ultimate goal for anyone on a soul journey. Awareness is how we do it.

Example. As humans, we control everything or at least we think we do. We “power through”, we “force ourselves in or out of situations”, we exist within labels and definitions (a man, a woman, a black person, a white person, a catholic, married, single, tall, short, thin, plus size, a secretary, a manager, straight, gay).
Our soul couldn’t care less about all this. In higher consciousness, we only exist, and it is more than enough. No labels or definitions needed. We let of control because we know there is perfect timing for everything, we manifest from the heart, we know we are all unique and we all have a different journey, we don’t feel the need to judge.

The awareness of us already being on a different level of existence, is what opens the door to the physical-spiritual balance to occur.


How to speak to the Universe

If we follow what we explained in the previous paragraph, that we are the Universe itself as we are part of it and we are everything existing in unity, then what we are really doing when we speak to the Universe, is speaking to the versions of ourselves living in higher dimensions which technically talk to us in here, in the 3rd dimension all the time. It is indeed a constant inner dialogue going on from the lower dimensions to the higher ones and vice versa, an orchestra of energies, signs, guidance and synchronicities that never stops. It is always there.

When we ask for a sign, what really happens is that the higher version of us sends “down here” in the 3rd dimension to the “lower” version of ourselves the guidance we need in a way we are able to understand it.

The most common ways our Higher Self or Higher Selves at this point, communicate with us in the physical plane to make sure we get the message, and we receive the guidance, are:

  • premonition in our dreams
  • awakenings and “ha ha” moments
  • numbers
  • loss, illness and challenges
  • feathers
  • synchronicities
  • coins
  • paranormal activities
  • scents

But how, can we, humans in the 3rd dimension speak with the higher versions of ourselves?

The reality is that we do not even have to speak. In higher dimensions our intention is more than enough, there is no follow up-action required and so a clear genuine intention is all we need to reach our Higher Self in a higher dimension of consciousness.

Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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