Are you a Lightworker? What it really means

Lightworkers are those souls in service to the light. They work, live and exist in the light, for the light, within the light. They are the sun on a cloudy day, the sprinkles on a burnt cake, the steady lighthouse when the storm hits. They are here to help humanity to change and evolve on the deepest level: very often born and grew up in very dark and dense situations, they have the ability to turn darkness into light JUST BEING.

All lightworkers are highly empathic and old souls which means they are really aware of themselves and they have already seen it all, over and over again.

Because of their natural ability to shake situations and start off changes, they very often find themselves in intricated circumstances that suddenly explode.

For example: starting a new job and seeing the company closing down after a few months, getting into a relationship having their partner behaving very badly after a few weeks, moving into a new place just before the neighbor start renovation work, being the only child right in the middle of an abusive marriage that keep escalating.

Like it or not, lightworkers bring the darkness out and they transmute it into the light.

Being an initiator of change and in service of the light, is very powerful but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and this is exactly the point many lightworkers are missing.

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Working for the light does not make you entitled to anything, you don’t have special treatments, you are not immune to problems and challenges, in fact, you are more prone to them because you know very well how to get yourself out and use it at your advantage.

Also, you are not special either as there are many like you. Spending your time reading about it, listening about it, talking about it without actually BEING IT, and fully integrate IT in your daily life, does not serve anybody, not even yourself.

Here are a few things to clarify about being a lightworker and the implication on our human life:

  • Being a lightworker has nothing to do with how you go on about your life.
    Of course, it might affect it here and there but these are 2 different concepts.

    Example: You don’t have to quit your job to be in service of the light, in fact, you might choose a profession (of impact or not) and serve your purpose every day just with your presence.
    You can be a mechanic and be a lightworker, a postman and be a lightworker, a bookkeeper and be a lightworker, a housewife and be a lightworker, you get the point.
    The strong calling of quitting a job and fully integrate with our soul purpose, it is a vocation coming from higher consciousness (let’s not get judgy here or get the ego involved, “higher” does not mean “better”; we all have a different journey and wherever you are at your timing is perfect!)
  • Because of their highly empathic nature, lightworkers might have the impulse of helping everybody forgetting to help themselves first.
    There is nothing wrong in helping if we are in a condition to help; the problem is helping when we are in no condition to give to anybody.

    This is very damaging not just for the person giving but also for the person receiving who is actually receiving from a state of lack which is going to create even more lack. Same thing for those lightworkers working in the energy, spiritual development, healing fields. What do you think is going to happen if you give the healing but you are truly the one in need of it?
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  • Power comes with responsibility. OWN IT. If you are a lightworker, you are a powerful being which means you need to be fully aware of how, when and why to use your power.

    Making yourself small to make other people more comfortable is not going to help you either the people that need your light; the victim syndrome is not going to cut it and waiting for someone to come down from the higher realms and save you is really not appropriate (and it is not happening!). YOU ARE, ACT LIKE IT.
  • Lightworkers are all about the truth. It is very difficult to fool a lightworker; they can sense BS coming from miles away and even if, they find themselves in situations where are surrendered by people telling lies, using tricks and taking advantage of others, lightworkers are the ones standing up for justice or exposing, no matter of the consequences.
  • Lightworkers, use your empathy to empower others! Empathy is one of those abilities that can really turn a bad situation into a fantastic one in 1 second.

    Understanding the full picture, someone else feeling, recognising the other’s emotions and know how to leverage it all to empower, is a capability that not many have. If you are a lightworker, you have it embodied in yourself. Unfortunately, many lightworkers treat empathy like a disease and themselves as the victim of a disease.

    You are not a delicate flower! You can be surrendered by people and be more than ok: it is going to drain you only if you think it is going to drain you, it is going to hurt you only if you think it is going to hurt you. Do not pick situations based on what you think your empathic nature can handle or not (this is so disempowering!), pick situations based on what you like!
  • Your strong will is a blessing. Again, OWN IT. If you are a lightworker, you know very well you do not conform, you stay true to yourself and you have the courage to speak up or walk away.

    For this very reason, you will be seeing like the one creating problems, the scapegoat, the easy target, the one to blame. No one of it matters. Remember that projection is reflection, human beings have this very bad habit to project on others what they don’t like about themselves. You have the ability to transcend it and use it at your advantage.
  • Boundaries! “No”, “I can’t”, “I don’t want to”, “I don’t feel like it”, “Not my business”, “Not my responsibility”, “I disagree”, “I don’t think so”. These are not bad words, you can use them over and over again.

    Do not let other people walk all over you just because you understand what is going on. Every action creates a reaction, every choice has a consequence, do not take on what is not yours. Some people will simply keep dumping their stuff on you with no limits if you let them.

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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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