5 Signs You Are Shifting into Higher Consciousness

In this article, I am going to talk about 5 signs that indicate you are leaving the lower dimension of consciousness and shifting into the higher one, the fifth dimension.

1.The first clear sign you are shifting to higher consciousness is so simple but so powerful.
You do not recognise your life anymore. All of a sudden, you feel totally out of place, you don’t fit in anymore like you are living somebody else’s life.

2. The second sign is the basis of any soul-searching work.
You become a truth seeker. Your eyes are suddenly wide open and what you see does not make sense to you anymore and so you read, you study, you spend hours searching for the truth behind everything. 

3. The third sign is what defines you as a divine being.
Your purpose and soul mission. When you start shifting into the fifth dimension you realise you are here for so much more than paying the bills, being enslaved in a job you don’t like waiting for retirement to enjoy some freedom. You realise you have a higher calling and you are here to serve it, you realise you are part of something much bigger than the physical plane, that you have a mission to accomplish and a journey of evolution to walk which is not only for you but for the collective as well.

4.You become an observer.
Very often we think that having an awakening is about saving other souls and helping at all costs, about sacrificing ourselves for others.
The saviour syndrome is just a phase and when you understand a little bit more about your journey, you realise you are not here to save anybody, you are not here to rescue, you are not here to interrupt anyone’s learning experience.

You are here to contribute to the evolution of humanity and serve your divine nature the best we can.

5. You become more aware of your body and what you put in it.
You understand that your body is the vessel you picked to serve you in this lifetime and you start treating it with respect and love.

You start reading the labels of the foods you buy at the supermarket, you change your diet, you become more careful about what kind of chemicals you are ingesting, you start looking into holistic solutions, and so on. 

This article has been also published on Holistic Fashionista.

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