How to easily integrate into 5d consciousness

How we can use Awareness to fully and successfully integrate into 5D

Shifting into the 5th dimension of consciousness doesn’t happen overnight: our bodies, our minds, our human containers wouldn’t be able to achieve such a change in days or just in a few months.

We need time to adjust, to grow and expand, evolve but there are a few things we can do to consciously help the integration into 5d.

The first one, and probably the most difficult our human minds have to go through, is learning how to live in the present moment, in the here and now, not in the tomorrow, which is uncertain and unpredictable, not in the past which is gone for good but in the now, where we live and exist.

Now, learning how to stay in the present moment has a myriad of advantages, spiritual and not spiritual.

Be aware of the present moment drastically decreases anxiety, it opens our eyes on what we have got, it makes us grateful to be alive and breathing, it expands our heart immensely just feeling the air, looking at the sun, smelling a tree, it makes us falling in love with ourselves and life all over again.

When we are fully in the present moment, we are complete and whole, connected to everyone and everything around us. Our consciousness expands so much that we automatically reach higher vibrations feeling that unconditional love that on a human level is impossible to experience. It is a love so pure, so clean, so big, that the human body is not able to contain it.

Technically time does not exist in the 5th dimension: it has been defined by humans and used to close us in a box, to tell us what to do and when, when to eat, when to sleep, when to go to work, when to go to school, when to live and to die.

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When we are in the present moment, past, present and future merge and we become infinite: our soul rediscovers its immortality.

AWARENESS is how we training ourselves to stay in the present moment.

Just stop. Put your phone down, turn the music down, stop talking, stop thinking, unplugged from whatever reality you are living. Just BE, here, right now. Breathe deeply, slowly, feel your heartbeat, feel your body, smell the air, listen to the noises around you, touch the first surface you can reach or the person next to you if you know them well enough. Take it all in and then let it go. Now place your hands on your heart and keep breathing, smile, breathe, smile again….keep smiling……Are you alive? Yes….you are……Now feel the immense gratitude flowing all over you… are alive…..feel your heart expanding, feel your vibes raising, feel everything, feel everybody, feel your all being elevating higher and higher…..take a few moments for yourself, I am going to be silent for a minute…..

Practising awareness takes us away from the analytical mind, society’s expectations and what we have to do guiding us to our feelings, our true nature and what we want to do. 

An easy question we can ask ourselves to learn awareness is: “How Am I feeling about it?”

When we move into 5d consciousness, our heart and our mind become one. There is no separation anymore but only unity. Getting in touch with our feelings, help us to accelerate this process of unification. 

Awareness is also crucial when it comes to keeping our EGO in check.
One of the most difficult things for human beings shifting into 5d, is to let go of the ego.

I want to clarify right now that it is not possible to get completely rid of our ego otherwise the human race wouldn’t even exist anymore but, we need to learn how to recognise when we are feeding our ego or when we are egolessly serving others.

Let me give you a few practical examples.
When we keep the door open for the person behind us and we expect a thank you in return, we are feeding our ego.
When we post on social media a motivational quote and we check every 3 minutes how many likes we got, we are feeding our ego.
When we help somebody and we expect a reward for it, we are feeding our ego.

When we serve others, from a space of unconditional love, we do it without expecting anything back.
We do it regardless of the outcome, we give without expecting to receive.  

Sometimes, the line between ego and serving others is very fine so the easiest way to double-check if we are acting to feed the ego or to serve from higher consciousness, is to ask ourselves exactly this: “Am I giving from my heart regardless of the outcome or Am I giving to receive a reward?”.

The moment you will start asking yourself this question, you will become aware of how many times you thought you gave from your heart but in reality, you gave to feel better with yourself or to receive something back. This happens very often to anyone: to mums, to children, to wives, husbands, teachers, friends, partners.

I am leaving you with a question: How many times we give to receive and how many times we give with no expectations?

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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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