How To Access the Akashic Records: 3 Easy Ways

Learn 3 different simple techniques to access your Akashic Records and get the answers you need

The Akashic Records are the story of our soul, a collection of events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent occurred in the past, present or future in all entities and life forms, not just human. 

So, if we were a plant 300 years ago, we are going to find it in the Akashic Records; if we were a giraffe 3 past lives times ago, we are going to find it in the Akashic Records; if we were part of the elements at the beginning of our soul journey, we are going to find in the Akashic Records.

In the Akashic Records are also stored all the behavioural and karma patterns our souls have generated consciously or unconsciously: patterns that we might have repeated over and over again sabotaging our existence, in one way or another one, in all our lifetimes, including the current one.

Which means that every block, disempowering habit and self-confidence issue might be the results of events and decisions we have made in past lives and that we are perpetuating in the present.

Be able to access the Records, is a huge help to understand why we do what we do and change it reversing the outcome to a more positive and empowering one.

Who has access to the Akashic Records

Each one of us has the ability, the right, the opportunity, the capability of accessing our own Records and find the info we are looking for. Having said that, there are a few things we need to be aware of before we enter this encyclopedia of data and wisdom.

What we need to know before accessing the Akashic Records

  • The Akashic Records can be accessed in the 5th dimension of consciousness (Learn more: How To Live in 5D Consciousness) but NOT in the physical plane, the 3rd dimension.
  • The Records always mirror our intentions so if we go in with fear, frustration or desperation, we are going to have a very inaccurate and inconsistent reading.
  • We cannot read for other people/souls unless they ask us specifically to do so. This point is actually controversial: some practitioners say we can access the Records for life partners, relatives and friends, without their permission, if our intentions are genuine and pure, other ones say we should never read for other people but only for ourselves.
    My personal point of view as Soul Realignment® Practitioner is that we CAN access other’s people Akashic Records but ONLY if they ask us clearly knowing exactly what they should expect.
    Accessing the record of a stranger is NO NO. We wouldn’t like if someone we don’t know very well entered our history of the soul without our permission, would we?
  • We need to be crystal clear about what we want to ask. Going in without knowing what we are looking for asking random and futile questions is not the way we want to treat the Records.
  • We don’t want to access the Akashic Records from a place of ego and curiosity. The ego lives and exists in the 3rd dimension so it is not possible to access higher planes carrying it with us.
  • Our intentions have to be clear, genuine and pure.
  • Detachment. Whenever we read for ourselves, a friend, a client, a stranger or a loved one, we need to detach from whatever expectations we have and whatever feelings we might personally have about a situation or a person. The more we detach from the outcome, the more our reading is going to be accurate and on point.

3 Easy Ways to access the Akashic Records

  • 1 – The Dr. Linda Howe’s Method. Linda Howe is an International Akashic Records expert, inspirational speaker and teacher, award-winning author: “How to Read the Akashic Records,” “Healing Through the Akashic Records,” and “Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records.”
    The Pathway Prayer Process© to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records: she created the Prayer — and made it freely available – in 2001. The Prayer is exceptionally powerful and unique in that enables seekers across the globe to not only “unlock” the Records, but also to enter at the very heart, the seat of wisdom, of this vibrational dimension. (You can download the Prayer here for FREE and gather more info here.)
    My Personal Experience. I have tried this method myself – I loved the vibe; I could feel an uplifting and powerful sense of unconditional love never felt in the human plane. I have also managed to receive “images” and visions but they were way too fast for me to understand exactly what they were referring to. The sense of time completely disappeared and I could feel my body lifting up getting lighter and lighter.

  • 2 – Pendulum dowsing. Probably one of the simplest and most powerful way to gain clear spiritual insights. Any kind of pendulum is actually good but I would personally suggest you to avoid using crystals or stones as they can absorb your personal energy – better to stick with a metal or wood one.
    A couple of things that we need to take in consideration when reading with a pendulum: we should ask “yes” or “no” questions; we need to program the pendulum first telling it what to do when it comes to saying “yes” or “no”; we should avoid to use it to foretell the future.
    My Personal Experience. I have certified from the Soul Realignment® modality by Andrrea Hess which explains very extensively how to read the Akashic Records to discover our Blueprint of the Soul, our soul vibration, karma patterns and much more, using the dowsing method. I personally love it and this is what I use when I read for my clients, a very structure and logic technique to gather all the info we need.
    Sign up to her FREE Masterclass or join the Soul Realignment® Certification Program if you are actually interested in doing this work professionally.
  • 3 – Meditation. This method is particularly indicated for those people who are actually used to the practise, no matter if beginners or pros. A few things we want to remember if we want to access the Akashic Records through meditation are: let go of any expectations; do not force the outcome; ask our questions when we have already transmuted negative and lower feelings and have an open mind.

To recap, whatever method we decide to use, we need to take in consideration these 3 essential concepts:

  • be patient with ourselves and the Records. It might take a few months before we can actually attune with the energies and receive the answers we seek;
  • be clear on our intentions;
  • be clear on the questions we want answers for.


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