How To Ask for the Help of the Angels

Almost everybody knows about angels. At least in “western civilization” we have all mentioned, read about or heard about angels. People that believe in angels, many of them believe in them because they’re religious and that’s what they were brought up to believe and know. Others believe not because they’re religious, but because believing in those beings gives them peace and reassurance. Other people just don’t believe in them at all and think it’s all a bunch of nonsense.

What Are Angels?

Angels are Light beings created by God or a Creator or Source or the Universe (depending on the beliefs) to help not only mankind but to deal with all the laws, energies and events in this universe (or all existing universes, if you believe in the multiverse theories). Being Light beings, and from God or Creator or the Universe or Source, angels have no ill intentions towards Humans; they’re all about the Light, love, compassion, understanding, protection and more. All of this for our own improvement and development.

There’s Order in The Angelic Family

Just like in a business, politics and military, there’s a structure and order in the angelic family. Such structure is seen as hierarchies. There are three hierarchies and within each one there are three orders (or choirs), all of them with different powers and duties:

1st Hierarchy

2nd Hierarchy

  • Fourth Order: The Dominions
  • Fifth Order: The Virtues
  • Sixth Order: The Powers

3rd Hierarchy

Angels For Any Situation

Despite the fact all angels are “distributed” and classified by hierarchy and orders, all of them are extremely powerful because they’re all connected to the same energy and source of power: God/the Creator/the Universe. Therefore, to some extent, we can “use” these beings or contact them whenever we need to. Most people resort to contacting them in troubled times, when they have difficulties, but an angel can assist us even when things are going well for us. Their help is limitless and should not be restricted by us to any particular situation.

However, there are certain angels that have been popularized for certain situations and below I’m listing a few of these angels and for what they can be used.

Archangel Michael

  • Helps you with your life’s purpose
  • Helps you improve your relationships
  • Helps you find the career that helps your heart sing
  • Helps you live your life fully
  • Helps you love yourself

Archangel Azrael

  • Helps you and your family during the grieving
  • Helps the “dead” pass through and with the adjusting to life on the other side
  • Helps with removing all blocks to your spiritual path
  • Teaches you the difference between truth and illusion
  • Brings insights and wisdom to all who ask

Archangel Jehudiel

  • Helps you find direction in life
  • Helps you have more confidence
  • Helps you get a great job
  • Helps you get harmony
  • Helps you overcome jealousy and self-doubt

Archangel Raguel

  • Helps you create balance
  • Helps you resolve deep-seated issues
  • Helps you discover your life’s work
  • Helps you smooth out disagreements
  • Helps you expose and correct corruption

Archangel Chamuel

  • Helps you find true love
  • Helps you overcome depression
  • Helps you forgive yourself and others
  • Helps you establish a career
  • Helps you with developing compassion, communication, understand the value of helping others

Archangel Gabriel

  • Helps you manifest your deepest desires
  • Cleanses your body, mind, home and spirit
  • Helps communication with your unborn child
  • Protects in violent weather and travel
  • Helps you connect with your feminine side

Archangel Jophiel

  • Helps you do well in exams
  • Protects the environment
  • Helps you enhance your creativity
  • Helps with your spiritual practices
  • Helps you overcome ignorance

Archangel Haniel

  • Helps heighten your intuition
  • Helps bring balance to all areas of your life
  • Helps you make new friends
  • Helps create an outrageous love life
  • Helps enliven your healing rituals

Archangel Zadkiel

  • Helps improve your memory
  • Gives you comfort in your darkest hours
  • Helps fill your life with freedom and grace
  • Helps you move from one perfect moment to another
  • Helps you be of service to yourself and the world

Archangel Jeremiel

  • Helps create an incredible future
  • Helps to manifest your dreams
  • Helps to engage your innate wisdom
  • Helps deepen your ability to experience compassion
  • Helps find easy solutions for even the most difficult problems

Archangel Raphael

  • Helps travel with ease and safety
  • Helps to make decisions
  • Helps with healing your mind, body and spirit
  • Helps with breakthroughs in the academic world
  • Helps you clarify your thinking

There are many other angels and spiritual beings you can work with to help you improve your life in some way. If this is somewhat overwhelming or confusing to you, you can start by asking your guardian angel for help and direction and he/she will make sure to contact the right angel/archangel for your situation. Angels are here to help us and guide us, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help, insight, and wisdom.

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