The Real Meaning of Abundance

If you go to any dictionary to look up the definition of abundance, you might find something like “an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply”, “plentifulness”, “a large quantity of something”, “the state or condition of having a copious amount of something” and many other definitions.

The real meaning of abundance

When talking about abundance, most people might be referring to the physical side of it, like having more money, possibly getting a new car, buying a bigger and nicer house, etc. And there is nothing wrong with that, because all that IS part of abundance too. But that is not all that abundance is. At least when it comes to the real meaning of abundance. (Watch “How to Create an Extraordinary Human Experience” to know more).

Epicurus, a philosopher, and sage of Ancient Greece once said that “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance”, meaning abundance is not about the riches and possessions, but all that we do that gives us joy and happiness.

Why Do We Want More?

Human as we are, we cannot help but be competitive. It is the way we were “told” to behave and live, by society, by always wanting to surpass the other, to do better and more than the other and then get a bigger reward than the other, to make us feel better, proud, and respected.

We all want more this and more that, because we think it is what will make us genuinely happy and better people.

You know the saying “Money can’t buy you happiness”? Because it cannot. It gives you a sense of happiness that is short lived, something that will always need “replenishing” and when you have true abundance, you will never need to replenish anything. Sure, money can make your life a little easier, but it is not the answer to everything.

How Do I Get True Abundance?

True abundance can only be achieved when you decide to align with your true self.
So, what does that mean, aligning with my true self? It means doing the things that make your soul and spirit joyful, no matter what.

Notice that I said things! It is not just about getting loads of money and finding the perfect partner – it is giving what you have a lot of it is using your time to help the ones that truly need help, it is getting rid of whatever it is that you do not need, whatever does not serve you.

But all of this abundance cannot happen if it comes from a place or feeling of lack! It is all in the mindset. If you continuously think that you do not have this and that, that you are missing this and that, you can never truly have real abundance in your life.

Those negative thoughts have to be stripped away before you manifest permanent abundance in your life. Continuous and focused negative thoughts will only generate and lead you to more negative thoughts and, consequently, actions.

When you change that negative and limiting beliefs system, your life will change too. Change the system and you change the outcome.

So, you have to find out what is deeply holding you back from achieving true abundance. More often than not, we find out that it is fear holding us back. Fear of not knowing the future, fear of not knowing if what we want to do and achieve will work out; fear of commitment, of giving that first big step into a brand-new life.

Although the result is important, it is not more important than the path you have to take.

As long as you are always giving your best to get that abundance, your actions will always generate even more abundance, in many ways.

Real abundance is in all aspects of your lives, in having more peace within yourself, more love for ourselves and, consequently, for others; it is in being more accepting of what and who you are (utterly amazing spiritual beings, capable of achieving absolutely anything, without limits) and using that to live your lives freely, free of fear, free of constrictive ideas, thoughts and even actions.

Limitless Abundance

Everybody has heard or even used the saying “The sky is the limit” at some point in life. That saying means that anyone can achieve anything in life as high as our sky. The problem with this saying is that, while it makes you think that anything is possible if you so desire, it actually puts a physical limitation (the sky) into that same desire.

Limitless abundance is achievable but only when you believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Believe in that, live every day in that belief and see your life be filled with real abundance, coming in from all aspects.

Limitless abundance is one of the new belief we embrace once we start our awakening but it is during our ascension that we are really able to make it happen.

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