The Unconditional Love Trap of the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness

There seems to be a misconception and misunderstanding about unconditional love in the fifth dimension of consciousness and I am here to tell you my view on it and why I think many people seem to be trapped while attempting to replicate unconditional love into the third dimension.

Love in the third dimension and unconditional love in 5D consciousness are two very different things. When we exist in the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness and higher, we ARE unconditional love. The higher forms of consciousness are governed by intention, so we don’t need to do and we don’t need to have – we just are!

But when we are in the third dimension, we do need to do and have, because this dimension is governed by choices, actions, and doing. While we do love things and people – we have feelings of love -, our feelings are always followed by actions, to make sure that the other person knows that we love them. For example, if you have a partner, you have that feeling of love for that partner, but then you take action, you do things to show your partner that you love them. Another example is, a mother doing things for her children because she loves them and wants them to be well, happy and safe.

The human being inside of us is not capable of feeling or being pure unconditional love, the state when we ascend to the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness.

Why, do you ask? Simply because we have a human body, which is very dense, compared to the high frequencies of unconditional love in the higher dimensions. Therefore, the human body is not compatible with the experience of unconditional love.

When we do meditation, or we do shadow work, or any other kind of spiritual work, we might experience some glimpses of unconditional love, in such a way that sometimes our body reacts, like crying for no apparent reason. It wouldn’t be possible for us to feel these emotions 24hrs, 7 days a week, to feel this unconditional love all the time.

If you’re doing spiritual work on yourself to “move” to higher consciousness and you believe that you have to practice unconditional love in order to achieve it or be there, please stop doing it! It really won’t take you there. Moving into a higher consciousness means you acknowledging the fact that, if you want to live in the fifth dimension and higher, to BE unconditional love, that cannot happen while having a human body, as we don’t have that capability.

If we want to practice and experience love, while in a human body, the only thing that we can do is to practice it as love is understood and in existence in this third dimension, which is through actions. So, don’t make the mistake of trying to replicate something on the third dimension that can only exist 5D consciousness and above! The third dimension is very dense, its vibrations and frequencies are generally on the low end; the fifth and above dimensions are not, the vibrations and frequencies are very light and things happen effortlessly, with ease.

The human being in us has limitations and one of these limitations is the inability to love unconditionally in the third dimension. Humans don’t love everyone and everything. We see differences in almost everything: colour of skin, social status, life choices, decisions, opinions, beliefs… Many of us have some relatives that, if they weren’t relatives, we probably wouldn’t even talk to them! Now, how is this unconditional love?

All of our human relationships, and sometimes even our love, are conditioned to the relationship itself. So, just try to understand that what you’re trying to do is not really possible, but what we CAN do here in the third dimension is to practice things like forgiveness, self-love, and self-acceptance. And the first person in the third dimension that you need to learn to love is… YOU. We always externalize what we have and what we are on the inside and if we don’t love ourselves, if we’re not capable of that, it’ll be very difficult to love anyone else.

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