Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Alpha Centaurians

Traits and Characteristics of the Alpha Centaurians: positive and dysfunctional aspects

The Soul group of origination of our soul is one of the pivotal aspects that define our inner qualities, how we act and react, think, live and manifest in the 3rd dimension.

The Soul Group of Origination is one of the aspect of the Blueprint of your soul, the specific imprinting that makes you unique at a soul level. No two souls are the same and so no two human beings are the same.

The most famous and known Starseed Soul Groups are: the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the souls from Mars, the Sirians, the souls from Nihal, the Alpha Centaurians and the Mintakans and the souls from Hadar.

Characteristics and Traits of the Alpha Centauri:

  • Alpha Centauri is a triple star system located just over four light years, or about 25 trillion miles, from Earth;
  • Alpha Centaurians are very intelligent
  • They are very analytical and technical
  • Alpha Centaurians are great problem solvers
  • They are solid and strong people
  • Alpha Centaurians consider themselves as providers
  • They have the GO and GET IT! attitude
  • Alpha Centaurians are very efficient and do not waste time or procrastinate

Traits to be aware of to avoid dysfunctional relationships with Alpha Centuarians:

  • Alpha Centaurians can become very disconnected emotionally speaking. They understand feelings and emotions only in a conceptual way
  • They are not empathic and so they can really struggle to connect and relate to others
  • They can get stuck in their ways from time to time and have difficulties to accept a new method or opinion

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU ARE A Alpha Centuarian:
The best way is to enter your Akashic Records and actually access this information. It can be done by asking a professional or trying on your own. If you would like to do it on your own, the meditation above could help you. (Click on the icon to start the download!)

What my pendulum and my intuition say about the Alpha Centuarians

– Best matches in love, work and friendship for the Alpha Centuarians –

  • The primary energy of the Starseed soul group of the Alpha Centurians is masculine.
  • Best matches for romantic relationships for the Alpha Centauriand are with Pleiadians and Souls from Hadar.
  • Best long term friendships for the Alpha Centuarians are with Sirians and Arcturians.
  • Best relationships in the work environment for the Alpha Centaurians are with souls from Earth, souls from Mars, souls from Maldec, Pleiadians and other Alpha Centauri.
  • Best jobs for Alpha Centaurians are lines of work that require a methodical approach such as research, computer programming, science and math, innovation from a practical point of view, any kind of coding.
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**Disclaimer: part of this material belongs to Andrrea Hess, Owner and Teacher of Soul Realignment, I have been a student of hers and certified from her modality.


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