Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Blueprinters

Traits and Characteristics of the Blueprinters: positive and dysfunctional aspects

The Soul group of origination of our soul is one of the pivotal aspects that define our inner qualities, how we act and react, think, live and manifest in the 3rd dimension.

The most famous and known Starseed Soul Groups are: the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the souls from Mars, the Sirians, the souls from Nihal, the Alpha Centaurians and the Mintakans and the souls from Hadar.

When it comes to the Blueprinters, a massive exception has to be made as technically 1. they are not Starseed, 2. they don’t have an origin.

Let’s dive in into this powerful “soul group” of the Blueprinters.

There are different types of Blueprinters, which we will explore in a minute, with specific duties, functions, and challenges on Earth but all of them share some qualities and characteristics:

  • they are not from anywhere which in their human life it translates in moving around a lot without feeling attached to any particular place;
  • they have travelled through the galaxy which in their human life it is often translated in a passion for the sky, star systems, science, the mind;
  • they show up in key moments for humanity to help with evolution;
  • they incarnate on Earth with the purpose to further evolve consciousness in the physical plane as they are actually the ones responsible for putting consciousness in a physical body;
  • they struggle to understand the emotional body as intersection of the mental and the physical bodies (If you would like to know more about the emotional body attachments on each chakra and how to heal them, please read What Are Chakras? The 7 Chakras and Their Meaning)

The 5 main categories of the Blueprinter Souls

-The Bluepinter Originators-

  • These souls naturally have a extremely high consciousness.
  • There are only a few of them at a time on Earth.
  • They usually reincarnate in powerful leadership positions or they reach positions of prominence by their 40s or 50s.
  • They usually reincarnate in wealthy environment so they can use their wealth to actively promote consciousness on our planet.
  • They have a profound understanding of humanity and how it works.
  • It is very rare to meet a Blueprinter Originator as they work on a global level and they concern themselves only with matters way beyond the day-to-day survival.

-The Bluepinter Technicians-

  • They are the ones in charge of technically implementing the Blueprinter Originators. vision in term of “spiritual consciousness in the physical body”.
  • They are the ones more tied up to humanity on a karmic level.
  • Very rational and mentally oriented.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Highly innovative in their field.
  • They are not usually willing to question their own thinking.
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-The Bluepinter Designers-

  • They took the Originators vision and made it beautiful.
  • They are highly creative and artistic.
  • They are busy creating so they prefer not to engage much with others.
  • They might create something that only them can understand.
  • They might struggle with the concept of earning money and “normality”.

-The Bluepinter Deliverers-

  • They actively promote consciousness from within the human experience.
  • They are highly socially active, and they operate within the less conscious environments of our society.
  • Very often “hands on” in their effort to change the world.
  • They were the first Blueprinters to reincarnate into a human physical body.
  • Very active when it comes to defending human rights and equality.
  • They can exhaust themselves trying to help people that do not want to be helped.
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-The Bluepinter Changers-

  • They often reincarnate in dark situations (abuse, violence, slavery, human trafficking, dealing with abandonment and victimisation) so they can bring consciousness to these issues on the planet.
  • They have the ability to really inspire others to change for the better.
  • They can find great success by embracing a cause (something they had to overcome themselves).
  • Immensely powerful.
  • When dysfunctional, they can be caught up in victimisation.
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What my pendulum and my intuition say about the Blueprinters

– Best matches in love, work and friendship for the Blueprinters –

  • The primary energy of the Starseed soul group of the Blueprinters is masculine.
  • Best matches for romantic relationships for the Blueprinters are with Arcturians, souls from Hadar and other Blueprinters.
  • Best long term friendships for the Blueprinters are with Pleiadians, Arcturians, Hadarians and other Blueprinters.
  • Best relationships in the work environment for Blueprinters are with Mintakans, souls from Polaris, Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Blueprinters.
What is the best way to discover your Soul Group of origination and know if you are a Blueprinter?

The first step is always to ask our team of Guides and wait for the answer but if we don’t want to wait or we are not particularly connected at this time, (which is totally fine, there is no right or wrong) we can ask for the help of a professional and have an Akashic Records reading for Soul Realignment.

(If you would like to have a Soul Realignment Session with me, please use the contact page).

**Disclaimer: part of this material belongs to Andrrea Hess, Owner and Teacher of Soul Realignment, I have been a student of hers and certified from her modality.

Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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