Karma is NOT a b****! What KARMA really is and How it works

Understanding karma and how it can be easily changed to create a life of abundance

Well well well, I am finally putting this article together after procrastinating for quite some time because, honestly, I don’t know if human beings living, creating, and existing merely in the 3rd-dimensional space, are ready to hear this.

Understanding how karma really works is liberating but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Once we grasp the real meaning of it, we realise we cannot really blame the Universe or our Spirit Guides or our luck or our fate for our conditions and the life we have, but only ourselves.

Let’s start with an easy definition, shall we?

The word KARMA, in Sanskrit, literally means ACTION.
For some reason, human beings created a massive misunderstanding around it and ended up perceiving it as “revenge” or “punishment”.

What is Karma and How Does it work?

In the higher realms, 5th dimension and higher, there is no duality like in the 3rd dimension, there is no “right” or “wrong” but only what is “right” for us in terms of fulfillment and abundance. In these realms we only exist, we “just BE”, we only need our intention but, in the 3rd dimension, where we live and exist in a physical body (whatever that is), we “DO” and “HAVE”.

One of the things that we do very often during our human experiences, is “making choices”. Very simply put, Karma is the consequence of our choices, of our actions. The more we perpetuate the same choice or action, the more we create the same outcome, the more we perpetuate a karmic pattern, which can be positive or negative.

In the 3rd dimension, we tend to make choices based on fear, based on status, on control, on how fat we want our bank account to be, on how big we want our house has to be, on how many branded clothes we can buy, without considering a very pivotal point to be able to create a pattern of abundance in this lifetime and in the future ones: our soul blueprint which includes the natural qualities of our soul.

In 3rd dimensional way of thinking, this would mean: if you don’t know who you are, how do you where you are going?

The natural qualities of our soul are those qualities that were created the moment our soul was created, they are our inner talents, the footprint we should follow to have a life/lives of “I have got plenty”.

(I would suggest an Akashic Records reading with a professional to discover the qualities of your soul. If you are interested in having it with me please see this page and book here.)

Unfortunately, most of us in a human shape have no idea of what our inner talents are and so we end up mistaking what we like doing with our career until we have a breakdown, (also known as a midlife crisis) because we cannot recognise ourselves anymore. But this is the thing, we were never ourselves in the first place.

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Very common karmic patterns that we keep seeing over and over again in the 3rd dimension are, for example, dysfunctional and abusive romantic relationships, the incapacity to make money, or the inability to be responsible with it, always attracting the same kind of people into our lives, difficulties in keeping a healthy weight, poor self-care or self-love, repeating the same decision over and over again in different situations and so on.

The principle of karma is very simple: when we make decisions and choices aligned with our soul, we create a positive karmic pattern, when we make decisions and choices not aligned with our soul, we create a negative karmic pattern.

Changing a karmic pattern is also very simple: making new choices, brand new decisions. Different action 👉 different outcome 👉 different pattern.

One very important thing we need to understand is that Karma never sleeps, is always on during all our lifetimes and it carries on from the previous life so, if we created a negative karmic pattern in one or more of our previous lives, it very likely that we are going to perpetuate it in the current one as well.

How can we be fully aware of the choices we are making?

As previously mentioned, the choices we make in the 3rd dimension are very often ruled by fear: the fear of not having enough money, the fear of losing our job, the fear of losing our spouse, the fear of not being enough, the fear of leaving our social status behind, the fear of what other people think, the fear of what is going to happen in the future, the fear of not being loved, the fear of death and so on.

FEAR always creates a pattern of lack.
The human mind has the ability to rationalise choices based on fear, justify them, and labeled them as “the right thing to do” even when they are clearly against our nature so, do not trust your mind.


Whenever we are about to make a choice, for a few seconds, we all hear that voice inside of us or that feeling in our guts (the reaction of our soul or our Higher Self for some), – yes even you that you are rolling your eyes denying the existence of intuition ruling out the whole thing as “woo-woo” for losers – unfortunately, 99% of the times we don’t listen to it.

And so next time you are about to make a decision, ask yourself “Am I making this choice based on fear?”, and then shush and listen to the first answer coming from inside of you. If the answer is yes, then go on and ask yourself: “Is this the right choice?”, then shush again and listen carefully. If the answer is no, have the courage to make a new choice knowing that the consequence of it will generate a new karmic pattern.

Of course, the whole concept of Karma can be applied to families, Governments, Countries, Institutions. Bottom line is, every time there is a choice or a decision involved, we create a consequence that can be defined as karma.

Now, Do you want your karma patterns to be positive or negative?
The decision is yours to make.

Karma is balance

Another very simple way to understand and fully embrace the meaning of karma is thinking of a justice scale perfectly in balance. Karma is the balance between what we put out and what we get back from it. If we create or give something out of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, we receive from it, joy, happiness, and fulfillment, if we do and give from a place of obligation, desperation, frustration, what we are going to receive back is an obligation, desperation, frustration.

To give you an example: think about a marriage where the man marries the woman because of his need for security and the woman marries the man because of her fear of being alone. The two of them will stay together making sacrifices and compromises to keep fulfilling their own needs acting from a place of fear, obligation, and co-dependency.

Now think about a marriage between two independent people already fulfilled with their own life, where the freedom of being themselves adds value to the relationship and there are no sacrifices involved. Their relationship is going to be characterised by love, joy, and satisfaction creating even more love, joy, and satisfaction.

Every single choice we make can create amazing life conditions or extremely miserable ones. I cannot stress this enough: WE ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN LIFE.

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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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