How To Manifest Permanent Abundance: The Ultimate Secret

What nobody tells about creating a successful life and manifest permanent abundance in your current life and future ones

Ah! “Manifestation”, Ah! “Abundance”, Ah! “Manifest the life you want in a few seconds”…in the last few years, MANIFESTATION and CO-CREATION seem to have become the main subjects for anyone working in the spiritual and fields and anyone looking at spirituality for answers to fix their lives.

The “Law of Attraction” and many books on the market such as “The Secret“, promise us happiness and fulfillment, wealth, abundance, health and a life full of joy based on a different interaction with the Universe and the world around us.

Although the power of positive thinking does actually have an impact on the results and the outcome we want to manifest, there is a massive piece of the puzzle missing to manifest permanent abundance in our current life and in the future ones.

Before I go on and disclose what nobody tells you about manifestation, I would like to recap the main laws and summaries the most common info we can find on this subject.

The Law of Attraction

We attract what we are: meaning we manifest in the outside world what is already inside of us.
The Universe is not something external, something we look at staring at the sky. The Universe is in US, we are the Universe and so when we decide to use our resources coming from a place of fear, depression, frustration, separation, fragmentation in our inner world, is going to reflect in the outside world creating events, situations, people, relationships that are a direct expression of what we are feeling in our heart and soul.
It also means that the more we dwell on a certain situation, the more we are going to manifest and perpetuate it into our lives. (For example: dating the same kind of abusive people, having the same kind of problems at work, having the same problems losing weight, and so on).

Karma and The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything we do create consequences; therefore, we are always 100% responsible for the outcome.
We are not victims of people, events and life, things do not happen to us out of bad luck or chance, we make them happen with our actions. We may see the consequences now of actions and decisions we made 20/30 years ago, there is no rule when it comes to manifesting the outcome or result. It happens when it happens, and we have to be ready to admit the responsibility and the role we play in what it shows up. No excuses.

The Law of Vibration

Everything is energy, everything has a frequency, a vibration so in order to manifest what we want, we need to match the vibration of what we want. I just want to clarify that this point goes beyond the human mind. Positive thinking, in this case, is not enough because the Universe, the inner Universe and the outside one, do not recognise words but only what we really feel which determines our vibe. Let me give you an example: if we are sad and we feel it deep in our bones, soul and heart but we say, “I am happy”, the Universe will recognise it as a lie and instead it will pick up on the real low frequency using it as a reference to send us people, events and situations on the same vibration.
Now, as human beings, it is totally normal feeling down from time to time. It is totally ok but avoiding making decisions, taking actions or expressing a desire whilst we are dealing with these low emotions is essential, we do not want to attract even more low vibes into our lives.

The Law of Compensation

What goes around comes around: the more we give out from a place of happiness, positivity and joy, the more we receive back in terms of happiness, positivity and joy.
This law also means balance: we all have moments in our lives where we have to give more than usual or to take care of others, a family member perhaps or a friend in need, or we might experience a challenging moment. Well, usually, after these moments, our wheel changes and we receive something extremely good as a reward, a gift, a new beginning.

So, what is missing? What is the ultimate secrete that nobody tells you about manifesting permanent abundance?

All the laws above are great but they are standard, they are “one fits all”, they tell you how to manifest like the Government tells you how to live your life.

Manifestation happens in the 5th dimension of consciousness, the spiritual plane not in the 3rd dimension, the physical plane where we all live and breathe. In higher planes, higher consciousness, we express a desire, we put our intention into it and it is already done. In the 3rd dimension, we need to take PURPOSEFUL ACTIONS CONGRUENT WITH THE INTENTION to make it physically happen.

In 5D consciousness we are souls, not human beings, we are unique, powerful, divine souls who create the human experience and manifest in the physical plane based on specific inner qualities and characteristics. No two souls are the same and so a “one fits all” method is not possible.

The Ultimate Secret To Manifest Permanent Abundance

“Permanent Abundance” does not mean always great, it means that we might experience temporary setbacks from time to time to grow, evolve and expand or simply to go back and rethink what we are doing. But this is all they are: TEMPORARY SETBACKS which we are able to overcome very quickly transmuting the whole experience into something useful.

As previously said, we are all different on a soul level, we all have different inner qualities and characteristics: ALIGNMENT TO OUR SOUL IS THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO MANIFEST PERMANENT ABUNDANCE.

Example: If one of the main characteristics of our soul is freedom, putting ourselves in an indoor environment 9 hours a day working for someone else with no space to learn, might not be such a good idea and it might prevent us to manifest what we want, it might actually be the reason why our life’s situation does not improve.

How do we access this info and get to know our soul on the deepest level?

Reading our Akashic Records, the history of our soul where all the past, present and future merge to create a multidimensional experience. (Read: “How To Access the Akashic Records: 3 Easy Ways“)

Here 5 steps to manifest permanent abundance into our life:

  1. Know our soul
  2. Set the intention on what we want to manifest
  3. Take purposeful actions fully aligned with the intention
  4. Let it go and do not obsess over it
  5. Get ready to receive it (it will not manifest if we are not open and ready to actually welcome it into our existence)

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