Spirituality: the real deal or the ultimate trend?

Terms likespiritual awakening“, “the great awakening“, being “woke” or “awaken”, “the great shift”, “the Age of Aquarius”, “5th dimension of consciousness” and so on, have been increasingly grown in popularity in the last few years. These and many other “spiritual” terms are everywhere, in particular, the internet on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, just to name a few: thousands of profiles, accounts and people talking about it. You won’t go two clicks without bumping into some of these terms.

Many people are “on it”, giving their opinions, suggestions, ideas and points of view about all sorts of things spiritual, to “awaken” your spirit or soul, to make you see that there’s a lot more than what we can perceive with our own five senses. But, like with many other things in life, for all of the good and even amazing things a spiritual awakening and spirituality, in general, can bring into your life, there are things attached to it that are not exactly that nice or positive (depending from what angle you’re seeing, I suppose).

The risks of Spirituality as a trend

Do you remember years ago when there was this craze about avocados as a superfood? Suddenly you started seeing avocados everywhere: in sandwiches, in drinks, in snacks, in cooked dishes… Everybody went crazy for avocados and everybody wanted to be seen consuming them, when, up until then, they weren’t particularly popular or even accessible.

Do you also remember, around the same time, when kale became popular? Out of the blue people started consuming huge quantities of kale, because it was seen also as a superfood that would help you lose weight and be healthier. And like the avocado, it could also be found in drinks, cooked meals, sandwiches and snacks.

Like avocados and kale, spirituality is, right now, actually a trend. A personal trend, a collective trend, a business trend, a social media trend. Just like the superfoods above, being a spiritualist, a professional working in the spiritual field, someone who went through a spiritual awakening or being a spiritual mentor/teacher have become extremely popular, trendy.

In theory, there is nothing wrong with spirituality becoming very popular and trendy as it does represent a huge change among humankind: humanity entering the Age of Aquarius, the collective shifting to the 5D dimension of consciousness, society evolving, each one of us more in tune with our true selves and less concerned with the material world. This is absolutely fabulous and outstanding!

Nothing wrong with making money and have successful businesses as long as the real purpose and the real intention are always clear and out in the open.

For those people new to spirituality, can be very difficult to spot who does it with a real purpose of helping and supporting and who does it merely because it is a business trend.

The easiest way to spot them is to listen to their message. What are they saying? If someone says that by becoming more spiritual all your problems will be solved, or that they can solve them for you, be careful!

If someone says that having a more spiritual life is all about positivity and smiles and happiness, be careful! They are selling you a dream, a fantasy.

Only those who are in this line of work for the right reasons will talk about the real path and life as a spiritual person experiencing an awakening, very honestly pointing out the inner work, the shadow work, uncomfortable physical symptoms and emotional ups and downs.

Who works in spirituality just to take advantage of business trends seems to present and show themselves a certain way with the only intention of getting more followers and engagements on their social media pages NEVER sharing their darkest moments or following a script to manipulate your emotions.

Having a “spiritual life” or opening up to a different way of living is not just smooth sailing and seas and smelling flowers and perfect bliss. It’s more about acknowledging and accepting the WHOLE of us, both the positive and the negative, the good and the bad, our imperfections and faults and our best qualities and embracing it.

During a spiritual journey (which never ends, by the way!) and awakening there’s a lot of confusion, doubt, strong emotions, and feelings, almost like a roller coaster.

For the most part, it’s not an easy path. You need to continuously work on yourself, every day, always with focus, determination, and will. Most people will not understand your choices, opinions, or views, many people in your life will distance themselves from you, many of your family members will think you are crazy and many times you will feel you are losing complete touch with reality yourself.

People working in spirituality for the right reasons, give you more than what the fees of their services pay for: they give you their vibes, they give you their all being, they have your best interest at heart and they don’t lie to you about having the best law of attraction program or best spiritual development course.

They don’t push to have you buy their services, they don’t use your temporary situation to sell you a dream, and they don’t take advantage of your fears and emotions.

People who do this line of work for the right reasons have received a calling to be in service of humanity, they have been exactly where you are at this point in time themselves, and many of them have risen from unbelievably painful situations and traumas using all that pain to become better people, they have learned to master their darkness as an essential part of their light, many of them are lightworkers came to Earth to help you and other people/souls like in your spiritual journey.

Professionals working in the spiritual field follow their true purpose, respect you completely and honestly, have compassion and empathy for whatever struggle you are going through, they respect your timing and your doubts. They know that everything happens for a reason and you will go to them at the right moment.

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