Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Arcturians

Traits and Characteristics of the Soul Group from Arcturus: positive and dysfunctional aspects

traits of the Arcturians

Have you ever wondered why we are so different from one another? Why are our personal characteristics, habits, tastes, the way we think, our qualities so unique and distinctive?

Because our soul is unique and distinctive. Souls are like fingerprints, no two souls are the same. Why?

Our energy centres (the qualities of our souls), the place of origination of our soul (Soul Group of origination), the experiences in the different lifetimes and the karmic patterns we keep generating, influence greatly how our soul behaves.

The Soul Group of Origination is one of the aspects that determine how we manifest abundance in the 3rd dimension.

When we awake and we ascend, we realise we are not people from planet Earth but souls coming from far away, from different planets: Starseeds temporarily reincarnated on Earth.

There are many different Starseed soul groups and each one of them holds very specific characteristics and traits: the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the souls from Mars, the Sirians, the souls from Nihal, the Alpha Centaurians, the Blueprinters, the Mintakans and the souls from Hadar, are the most common and famous ones.

After our soul is created, it leaves almost immediately to join the soul group of origination, which is the place the soul spends most of its time in, with the group of souls it belongs to.

Characteristics and Traits of the Arcturians:

  • The Arcturians come from Arcturus, an orange star in the constellation of Boötes which is located in the northern hemisphere and contains one of the brightest stars in the night sky
  • Are very often highly conscious individuals holding spiritual wisdom within their being
  • They are those people that always have plenty of insights to share on the deepest level
  • They are fairly quiet individuals who like to remain in the background
  • They are very loving, peaceful and understanding people
  • They can be extremely sensitive
  • They are very often drawn to the study of metaphysic, spirituality, sacred geometry, astronomy and quantum physics where their natural wisdom is highly appreciated
  • They can appear mysterious because they tend to be cautious about who they allow into their personal space
  • Arcturians reincarnated on Earth, are very attracted to gemstones and crystals
  • They also have a very strong connection to symbols and sigils in general

Traits to be aware of to avoid dysfunctional relationships with Arcturians

The Arcturians Soul Group has only a few “negative” traits to be aware of, mainly related to their uniqueness and awareness of themselves and others.

  • They might avoid engaging in situations, institutions and structures that don’t resonate with them such as marriage, religions, educational systems and if they are forced into it, they will behave very oddly simple because, very genuinely, they do not understand the mechanisms
  • They tend to rebel against the “normal” that doesn’t make sense to them shutting down completely rather than openly challenging it to reform it.

How to recognise Arcturians reincarnated on Earth

Arcturians are very aware of themselves, of what they like and what they don’t like, they also reject manipulation so if you are thinking to drag an Arcturian to Sunday’s dinner with your parents using sense of guilt or any kind of “mental/emotional game”, you are in for a treat: they won’t do it and you will also risk to jeopardise your relationship with them in the long run.

Arcturians are all about their own personal truth.

You will also find them behind the scenes, coaching and training singers, actors, politicians and presenters as they have the ability to help other souls in finding their own voices, their true self and express it with passion and integrity.

You won’t find them surrounded by many friends as they are extremely sensitive to energy and so very selective about who they let into their life.

They tent to spend time with souls that smooth their masculine energy and nurture their need of deep understanding of things.

Arcturians are very intense and not interested at all in superficiality so they won’t thrive in environments promoting shallow subjects.

Arcturians are the ones that would say no to a party to stay at home reading a book without feeling the need to give any explanation.

They know who they are, what they need and how to get it.

The best way is to enter your Akashic Records and actually access this information. It can be done by asking a professional or trying on your own. If you would like to do it on your own, the meditation above could help you. (Click on the icon to start the download!). If you want to know more about what the Akashic Records are, click here.

What my pendulum and my intuition say about the Arcturians

– Best matches in love, work and friendship for the Arcturians –

  • The primary energy of the Starseed soul group of the Arcturians is masculine.
  • Best matches for romantic relationships for the Arcturians are the souls from Hadar and the Blueprinters (any type).
  • Best long term friendships for Arcturians are with Hadarians and Blueprinters.
  • Best relationships in the work environment for Arcturians are with souls from Maldec, Mintakans, souls from Polaris, Pleiadians (very often the Arcturians are the coaches behind the Pleiadians as they help in connecting within on the deepest level), Artcurians and Blueprinters (any type).
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**Disclaimer: part of this material belongs to Andrrea Hess, Owner and Teacher of Soul Realignment, I have been a student of hers and certified from her modality.


8 thoughts on “Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Arcturians

  1. I was very happy to find out that I am an Arcturian, through your Akashic Records reading for Soul Realignment! The characteristics and traits are bang on the money, I identify with them 100%. For many years I thought I was an oddball, maybe even weird or too intense, but after the reading I feel a lot more comfortable knowing not only where I come from, but also with who I am. Thank you again for your precious help Paola! 🙂


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