How To Live in 5D Consciousness

How To Live in 5D Consciousness

When we move to the fifth dimension of consciousness, our beliefs change completely, we do not recognise ourselves anymore, we do not understand the reality we live in anymore, we feel completely spaced out. This is because when we go through an awakening and we ascend, we finally see the truth.

One of the first things that happen when we move to the fifth dimension is that we feel we are going crazy, it is totally normal! This is, in fact, the first step to a brand new life, a life as a powerful spiritual being having a temporary human experience!
(Read “What happens when we move to the Fifth Dimension” for more info).

Living in 5D consciousness means embracing a brand new belief system leaving behind our human limiting beliefs.

  • You are a beautiful powerful spiritual being having a TEMPORARY human experience.
  • The Universe takes care of you. The Universe ALWAYS supports our EVOLUTION.
  • Miracles happen EASILY and OFTEN. Incredible things happen when we raise our vibration and we TRUST.
  • We are powerful SOULS on a JOURNEY. As souls, we all have very UNIQUE and personal experiences.
  • We are here to experience JOY, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT. The human experience is a playground: we are NOT here to suffer, we are here to be HAPPY.
  • We CO-CREATE our life with the Universe. When we ALIGN WITH OUR SOUL mission an take purposeful actions, the Universe gives us endless opportunities and success.
  • We all are flow of energy CONNECTED TO SOURCE. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. We are Source, we already have all the answers.
  • Abundance comes from a GRATEFUL HEART. When we realise we already have more than enough, we ATTRACT MORE.

When we move to the fifth dimension, we co-create our life with the Universe itself, we are not alone anymore doing everything.
The Universe (Source) is there to assist us, taking on a big part of what we want to manifest in our life, working behind the scenes to make us happy, to give us what we want to achieve.

How To Co-create With The Universe: 5 Steps to Co-creation In 5D Consciousness

  1. DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Asking ourselves who we want to be taking full responsibility for it, is essential. We stop being what others expect us to be and we JUST ARE.
  2. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT. Every lifetime is an opportunity to learn and EVOLVE. We are here to fully take advantage of it. We are NOT here to waste our life undertaking a journey that is not for us.
  3. ALIGN YOUR THOUGHTS and YOUR ACTIONS to who you want to be and what you want (no compromises when it comes to your true nature!). When we align with our true nature and purpose, a multitude of opportunities and possibilities open up.
    New doors are opening right now!
  4. Ask assistance from the UNIVERSE. The Universe is US, is our consciousness, the higher version of us, our future self already living the life we want. When we tap into higher consciousness, the MAGIC HAPPENS.
  5. Let the Universe do the rest and TRUST. As we realise we co-create with the Universe, we also understand we cannot control everything. The HOW and the WHEN are not important.
    We have to fully trust the DIVINE TIMING: we get it when we are ready to receive it!

When we move into 5D consciousness, there are a few things we need to remember

  • Our current body is the vessel we have consciously chosen for this lifetime to help us learn our lessons and serve our mission/purpose in this life.
  • The human experience and everything in it, is temporary. Our soul is eternal and our consciousness is infinite.
    We experiment many different temporary experiences to be able to evolve and grow personally and collectively.
  • What we learn during the human experience, helps our consciousness to evolve and expand until we are able to transcend completely the physical plane.
  • We are fully responsible and in charge of our own life and we are aware of what karma really is and how it works. When we ascend to the 5th dimension, we are NOT victims anymore. Life happens for us to help us evolve. We are in charge of our own happiness.
  • There is no time, there is no space. Scientifically speaking, the fifth dimension is theoretically based on space where time is always the same, which basically means that everything is the same. There is no past or future but only the PRESENT where we fully EXIST. (To know more, read The Science Behind The Fifth Dimension of Consciousness).
    The concepts of space and time are labels invented by humans: they are part of the duality of the 3rd dimension. When we move up in consciousness, there is only the HERE and NOW.
  • We never die! Our body dies but our soul never does. At the end of each lifetime, we go back home and we chose the shape and form of our next physical vessel.
  • JUST BE! In the 3rd dimension we need “TO DO” AND “TO HAVE”. When we shift into 5d consciousness, we “speak” in vibrations. Just being in a high vibrational state changes the events around us. We attract what we are.

What does it mean “aligning with our true nature”?

One of the principles of shifting into 5d consciousness is the ability to align with our true nature which determines how we live our life. But does it mean exactly?

Our soul is created with a specific Blueprint containing inner qualities and individual characteristics which make our soul UNIQUE. No two souls are the same. This uniqueness is what we need to align with in order to manifest permanent abundance in the 3rd dimension.

Our Blueprint of the soul is always the same, it never changes. Of course when we reincarnate in a new body, when we experience different lives and we create blocks and karma patterns, we do not remember our inner qualities and abilities and so we end up living a life that is not for us which brings suffering, constant compromises and disappointing results.

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