The Hierarchy of Angels and Archangels

Angels. We have all heard of them. Beings created by God/Creator/Universe/Source out of light, beings that, for the most part, are benevolent, willing to help mankind in their development and helping the universe maintain its balance.

Humans have this idea or image of angels as these supernatural beings with fair faces, fluffy wings, always friendly and smiling. Although many or most of them can be that way, there are others that might look a bit more stern or mean-looking. Obviously, everyone has heard of the “fallen ones”, the angels that sided with Lucifer (himself one of the benevolent ones before the fall) when they were cast out of Heaven.

But many people might not know that there is structure, a hierarchy among angels. Just like in the military, politics or companies, so too the angels have their equivalent to commanding chiefs, generals, soldiers, presidents, CEOs, supervisors, working-class, and so on. There are judging angels, healing angels, warrior/fighting angels, more administrative angels. Every single one of them (some say they are in the millions and even billions) has a duty, a job, so to speak.

The Angelic Family is divided into three hierarchies and within each hierarchy there are three orders. Here they are below:

1st Hierarchy

First Order: The Seraphim

  • It’s the highest order of angels, the one closest to God or the Creator or the Universe or Source. They are referred to as the “burning ones” and with having six wings. Amongst the Seraphim, you can find Michael, Metatron and Seraphiel.

Second Order: The Cherubim

  • Are God’s/Creator’s record keepers, second in rank and they guard His throne. They have four wings and four faces. Amongst them, you can find Gabriel, Cherubiel and Ophaniel.

Third Order: The Thrones

  • Known as the chariots of God/Creator, carrying justice, having the power of judgment. They are perceived as looking like burning wheels filled with eyes. Amongst these angels, you find Raziel, Zaphkiel and Baradiel.

2nd Hierarchy

Fourth Order: The Dominions (or Dominations)

  • They regulate the activities of all of the other angels, except for the ones in the 1st Hierarchy. They are seen as holding an orb or scepter as a symbol of authority. In their ranks, you can find Zadkil, Muriel and Zacharel.

Fifth Order: The Virtues

  • They are responsible for the movement of the heavenly bodies and for Nature. They are perceived as having four blue, feathered wings and shiny armor. Amongst them, you can find Uzziel, Haniel and Babiel.

Sixth Order: The Powers

  • Protectors of the human souls, powerful warriors, they also preserve order in the world. Amongst them, you can find Camael, Gabriel, Verchiel (Lucifer used to be one of them and was the only one in this order to “fall”).

3rd Hierarchy

Seventh Order: The Principalities

  • Protectors of all religions, they keep watch over nations and their leaders. Amongst this order you can find Cerviel, Amael and Requel.

Eighth Order: The Archangels

  • Archangels are chief angels and are in charge of larger humankind affairs, according to the Creator’s will. Messengers of God, they carry important messages to humans. They also command God’s armies and act as overseers to guardian angels. Amongst the archangels you can find Metatron, Michael, Raphael.

Ninth Order: The Angels

  • These include guardian angels, assigned by God to every human at the time of birth. Angels are the lowest in rank, therefore closest to humans. They’re also messengers between God and humans, administering to their needs. Amongst the angels, you can find Phaleg, Adnachiel and Chayyliel.

Even though there are structures and assignments of duties or jobs throughout the angelic hierarchies, even though there are lower-ranking angels that report to higher-ranking ones, it’s important to understand that all angels are extremely powerful beings and all are connected to God/Creator/Universe/Source. Yes, an angel from the Ninth Order is less powerful than one from the First Hierarchy but is no less important. All have a purpose, all have a job to do.

Want to contact angels? You can start with your guardian angel, build a relationship with him/her. He/she will always be willing and available to help you, bringing your message to higher-ranking angels and God/Creator/Universe/Source. They want to help you, they want you to contact them. They’re waiting for you to acknowledge them and use them to help your life become much, much better.

Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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