Spiritual Guidance for Awakening and Ascension.

My name is Paola, I am a spiritual mentor assisting in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness.

What I do

I offer spiritual guidance to help you in strengthening the connection to your higher self and the Universe, in removing limiting beliefs, fears, blockages and karma and in aligning yourself with your unique and the Universe.

Who I help

I assist lightworkers, people experiencing an awakening and ascension, healers and professionals working in the spiritual and energy fields.

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Akashic Records

Discover who you are on a soul level, Find out the best way to generate abundance, Learn how to be your true self. Info here.


Where do I come from?” – “Who am I?” – “What is in the afterlife?” These are the kind of questions we can answer accessing our life between lives. Click here to know more.

Spiritual Coaching

You are a Divine Being, worthy of love, abundance and greatness. You co-create your own reality with the Universe itself.
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Break the bond of time, understand your life purpose, connect with your higher self, clear karma residue, reconnect with your spiritual abilities.
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Paola Borrescio

Spiritual Guidance – Awakening, Ascension, Spirituality

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