What Happens When We Move to The Fifth Dimension

When we are here, on the new Earth built from the 5th dimension of consciousness, our higher self takes the lead. We finally fully remember who we are, where we come from, our mission and we use these memories to help others to remember as well when they are ready.
It is here, in this place of connection and alignment that we find ourselves infused with vital force from Source, expanding our consciousness and acting as the LIGHTWORKERS that we are.

It is a place where only love, light and unity exist and where the INNER UNIVERSE manifests in the reality out there.

The Fifth Dimension of Consciousness radiates out from the within.

It is timeless, weightless and limitless. It is the place where we materialise what is in us. It is where we create and expand from an open heart. It is a place of unity where we exist as one and for all. It is the place where our mind and our heart become ONE.
It is the place where we understand we are all connected and we all share the same consciousness. It is the place where we are fully aware of our true nature and the real meaning of existence.

WE FINALLY UNDERSTAND WE ARE HERE TO LEARN, GROW AND EVOLVE. We are not here to suffer, we are not here to pass tests. We are here to try different things, experience life in different shapes and forms, have fun, create from the heart, be happy.

What Happens When We Move to The Fifth Dimension

In the Fifth dimension of consciousness, we become God, the Source, the Universe itself, we are pure Divine Essence working in unity for the greater good of all.

The Fifth Dimension is a vibration we hold from the within that we eventually, at one point, manifest outside of us creating a brand new reality.

Another thing that happens when we shift into the fifth dimension of consciousness, is that our DNA gets upgraded and we get activated in a way the human mind is not able to comprehend.

We might also feel and think we are going crazy from time to time because here, in higher consciousness, everything we know as humans, is totally reversed. The more we feel we are going crazy, the more we are reaching the truth, OUR OWN TRUTH.

In the Fifth Dimension, there is no fear, no judgment, and no attachment.

Tips to shift into 5D consciousness:

Shifting into higher consciousness changes completely our way of living, the way we look at ourselves, the way we make choices, the way we interact, the way we handle challenges, and the way we live our life.

Finding the perfect balance between the physical and the spiritual becomes key to being able to honor our divine power. (I suggest reading the article “How To Live in 5D Consciousness” for more info).


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