10 Things To Remember When Moving In The 5th Dimension

How to reprogram our brains when we finally move to the 5th dimension of consciousness

When we have our awakening and we ascend, our brain goes through a complete rewiring and our mind and our heart become one.

Until everything we learn sinks in, we might feel the need to remind ourselves that no, we are not going crazy and this amazing process is there to help us to step into our true nature. 

The easiest way to reprogram your human brain is to create a new belief system and keep repeating the main principles of your new beliefs over and over until they become familiar.

In the list below you are going to find 10 things to remember when moving in the 5th dimension that you can repeat and apply in your daily life until you feel completely comfortable and you don’t need reminders anymore. 

  1. You already live in the fifth dimension and in order to stay here you have to live in the present moment, open your heart and let go of any attachment and judgment.
  2. Every time you experience lower vibrational emotions, you must go into observation mode and not get caught up in emotional reactions.
  3. You don’t need to seek knowledge outside as all the answers are already inside of you.
  4. Your human mind is your limit, you must expand your heart to shift into higher consciousness.
  5. You create your own reality and manifest everything you need with the power of your intentions followed by congruent actions and the support of the Universe. (To know more about Karma and How it works, click here)
  6. Your Higher Self is the best version of you, the future you that can live in the present if you fully integrate all the versions of you from the past, present, and future.
  7. You must stay present, aware, and conscious and act from your higher heart.
  8. You must constantly communicate with your Higher Self, asking questions and paying attention to what comes from it after.
  9. The human part of you works in the direction of separation, your Higher Self works in the direction of unification.
  10. The Human in you competes, your Higher Self has got nothing to prove.

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