What Happens When We Move to The Fifth Dimension

paolaborrescio.com – Hello beautiful soul, today I would like to talk to you about what happens when we move to the fifth dimension or fourth density.

✨When we are here, in the new Earth, our higher self takes the lead. We finally fully remember who we are, where we come from, our mission and we use these memories to help others to remember as well when they are ready.

It is a place where only love, light and unity exist. 

The fifth dimension radiates out from the within; it is timeless, it weightless and limitless; it is the place where we materialise what is in us; it is where we create and expand from an open heart; it is a place of unity where we exist as one and for all; it is the place where our mind and our heart become ONE.

In the New Earth of the fifth dimension, we become God, the Source, the Universe itself, we are pure Divine Essence. 

I hope this video helped to understand a bit better what happens when we move to the fifth dimension.

Spiritual Guidance for Awakening and Ascension: Paola Borrescio
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