5D Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening & The Journey of Evolution

Many people believe that spirituality and religion are one and the same thing, but I’m here to tell you they’re not. In religion, you always have someone that will dictate how you should live your life, behave and even think. You have the priests and other religious leaders that usually follow guidelines written in aContinue reading “5D Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening & The Journey of Evolution”

The Unconditional Love Trap of the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness

There seems to be a misconception and misunderstanding about unconditional love in the fifth dimension of consciousness and I am here to tell you my view on it and why I think many people seem to be trapped while attempting to replicate unconditional love into the third dimension. Love in the third dimension and unconditionalContinue reading “The Unconditional Love Trap of the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness”

What The Akashic Records Are and How a Reading Can Change Your Life

The Akashic Records is literally the history of our soul, since we were “created”, going for an infinite number of lives or existences. So, if you were or are going to be some sort of animal, you’re going to find that information in the Akashic Records, which can be seen like a container of past,Continue reading “What The Akashic Records Are and How a Reading Can Change Your Life”

Shifting From the 3rd Dimension Into the 5th Dimension of Consciousness

One thing to take into consideration is that we live in the 3rd dimension, in a physical plane, so it’s impossible to live in the vibrations of the 5th dimension of consciousness in a full capacity sort of way. And why is that, you may ask? Well, because we all have a physical body andContinue reading “Shifting From the 3rd Dimension Into the 5th Dimension of Consciousness”

The Hierarchy of Angels and Archangels

Angels. We have all heard of them. Beings created by God/Creator/Universe/Source out of light, beings that, for the most part, are benevolent, willing to help mankind in their development and helping the universe maintain its balance. Humans have this idea or image of angels as these supernatural beings with fair faces, fluffy wings, always friendlyContinue reading “The Hierarchy of Angels and Archangels”

3 Things To Do When You Have a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening. Two words in almost everyone’s mouth for the last few years. These words constantly appear on (parts of) mainstream media, personal blogs, websites and especially all over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other ones. A spiritual awakening is when one becomes aware that there is a spiritual reality, notContinue reading “3 Things To Do When You Have a Spiritual Awakening”

How To Ask for the Help of the Angels

Almost everybody knows about angels. At least in “western civilization” we have all mentioned, read about or heard about angels. People that believe in angels, many of them believe in them because they’re religious and that’s what they were brought up to believe and know. Others believe not because they’re religious, but because believing inContinue reading “How To Ask for the Help of the Angels”

The Differences Between Minerals, Crystals Explained

Ah, what is not to love about minerals , crystals and gemstones with their beautiful colours, textures, shapes and even smells? There are not many people in this world that don’t have at least a single piece of mineral, crystal or gemstone in their possession. Or that haven’t seen any of these in their life.Continue reading “The Differences Between Minerals, Crystals Explained”

Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Alpha Centaurians

Traits and Characteristics of the Alpha Centaurians: positive and dysfunctional aspects The Soul group of origination of our soul is one of the pivotal aspects that define our inner qualities, how we act and react, think, live and manifest in the 3rd dimension. The Soul Group of Origination is one of the aspect of theContinue reading “Soul groups and the origin of the soul: The Alpha Centaurians”

What Is Reiki? What You Need to Know

Everything that has ever existed and everything that exists has got energy in it. Humans, animals, plants, the elements (fire, air, water, earth) and all inanimate objects. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t have energy or is not made of energy. Even science has already proved that to be an undeniable fact. EnergyContinue reading “What Is Reiki? What You Need to Know”