10 Activities That Raise Your Vibrations

The more our vibrations (or frequencies) are high, the more our human body is able to repair itself, the more energy we have and the more our consciousness is able to reach a higher level, the 5th dimension.

What “Raising The Vibrations” Really Means

In these days, we keep hearing from spiritual teachers, successful YouTubers and mentors that we need to raise our frequencies and keep our vibes high.

But what does it mean? And why is so important?

Well, I am a spiritual mentor myself and to be honest with you, none of the explanation I found online actually resonated with me at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I did understand the real meaning of vibrations during my own personal journey, experiencing it on my own skin, trying and failing many times until I actually managed to fully grasp the concept of it.

In this article, I am offering my point of you, my understanding, which is NOT the absolute truth so, feel free to take whatever resonates and leave the rest.

We are made of energy which we express, as spiritual beings, with our emotions (emotion= Energy in motion), our states, which impact the way we live, think, and act.

When we have a spiritual awakening and we chose to honour our higher path embracing our ascension to higher consciousness, not only we become aware that we are much more than “living, thinking and acting” but dedicate our life to fully BE, existing in alignment with our Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

In order to do so, we need to detach from whatever situation we live in, activate the OBSERVER mode, consider the bigger picture and have the courage to take actions in the 3rd dimension aligned with our intentions in the 5th dimension.

Setting intentions when our energy is low and taking actions when we are in a disempowering state, completely sabotages the outcome kicking off a series of negative patterns.

Raising the vibes means being aware of our starting point and decide, regardless of the situation, to increase the amount of positive energy in our body, soul, and mind to be able to set powerful intentions followed by empowering actions.

It does not mean forcing our all being to think positive, it does not mean make up a new story for whatever situation we are living, it does not mean standing still without doing anything about it.

It means having the courage to take the ego out of the picture really seeing what is going on and improve it from higher consciousness matching exactly what we decide to call to us.

We cannot improve anything if we act from a place of ego, sadness, desperation, and victimism.

The higher the frequency of our energy or vibration, the lighter we feel in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. We are able to experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy.

We have little, if any, discomfort or pain in our bodies, and we deal easily with our emotions.

10 Activities To Quickly Raise Your Vibes – How to Raise Your Vibrations

  1. GRATITUDE. Practising gratitude daily for what we have with an open heart, attracts even more to us.
    We all had moments in our lives when we though we didn’t have enough or we weren’t living the life we deserved. Reality is that those moments happen for us to learn something essential to move forwards, raise up and evolve. Those moments are gifts we really want to be grateful for.
    Also, if we are not happy with what we have in the NOW, there is no way we will be happy with more because happiness depends on us, not on what we have r we think we have.
  2. KINDNESS. Genuine acts of kindness towards our friends, family, strangers and people that hurt us in the past, if we feel like it, when we are happy and we have something to give.
  3. LOVE. Experiencing love, passion and unity. That feeling of infinite unity that makes us appreciate everything around us: nature, other people, animals, the elements, as we understand they are not separate from us but part of us.
  4. FORGIVENESS. Letting go and move on. Forgiveness can be very hard, especially if we are trying to forgive someone that hurt us in the past, or if we want to forgive ourselves for something we are not proud of but we really need to remember that forgiveness is an act of FREEDOM towards ourselves and the only way to successfully move on. We all make mistakes, let’s take the lessons and grow.
  5. ACCEPTANCE. Of others, of other points of views, of other cultures, of ourselves, of situations we cannot control and we cannot change.
  6. GROUNDING. Walking in the sunshine and/or in nature has a massive impact on our energy’s level.
  7. BREATHING DEEPLY. Breathing properly influences the amount of oxygen our brain receives which is related to the way we feel and the ability to see reality for what it is: the deeper the breath, the more the body feels relaxed and the more the mind is calm.
  8. LAUGHING. Even science considers laughter the best medicine: it strengthens the immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works better and faster than a good laugh.
  9. BEING CREATIVE. Dancing, singing, writing, drawing, painting. Anything related to creativity is a massive boost to keep our vibes high.
  10. EATING HEALTHY. Eating vegetables and fruits (raw or cooked) helps our body to detox and to get rid of anything that does not belong there.
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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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