Awakening 2020: What Does It Mean? The Golden Age

awakening 2020: What does it mean?

The year 2020 has been defined the year of the awakening, many souls waking up together to the truth of the Universe.

The words awakening and ascension, are very often considered the same on a soul level, but by many, they are considered 2 different stages of a spiritual awakening; whatever your belief is, labels and definitions are not important, what is really important is the deeper meaning of this transformation. 

Ascension means that our soul is understanding that we are so much more than a human being, that we are a divine being with a powerful consciousness able to bend and create realities, able to co-create with the Universe collectively, with all other beings anything we want.

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Awakening to the truth of the Universe, simply put, is our soul remembering that we reincarnated here for different reasons. It is our soul remembering that we are a Starseed, a Lightworker, pure infinite consciousness on a journey.

It is our soul remembering that we are not from here, we are not part of this illusion called 3rd dimension reality, that we have a higher purpose than paying the bills, that we matter, not us as humans but us as light beings that start to fully arise from the 5th dimension. 

As spiritual powerful beings, we are able to shape the reality around us and change events using our intentions.

We are not victims or slaves of politicians, Governments, and Societies. We have the FREE WILL to use our awareness and our power whenever we want.

When we start our ascension to the fifth dimension of consciousness, a new world opens up, the real reality or at least one of the many possible realities:

  • we take our power back
  • we start manifesting everything around us
  • we speak in vibrations
  • we heal through energy
  • we recharge with sunlight

In higher consciousness, we realise that taxes, television, money, advertising, competition, and non-sense rules have been created to numb us and control us.

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Moving into the 5th dimension means aligning with our own truth, whatever that is:


All the latest events happening on the planet right now, are just the beginning of a new phase: The Golden Age. A new era based on collaboration, love, fairness, justice, wisdom, and evolution.

Not everyone will awaken and ascend in this lifetime but all of us, collectively, will benefit from these changes.

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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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