5 Indicators You Are A Starseed

In this article I a going to talk about 5 indicators and signs that indicate you are a Starseed. Before I get into it, I would like for you to let go of labels and definitions and focus on the reason why Startseeds reincarnate on Earth.

Now, Starseeds are spiritual beings and souls reincarnated from the stars, other planets, galaxies, or dimensions to help Earth in the shift of consciousness that is happening as we speak.

There are many different Starseed Soul Groups and each one of them holds very specific characteristics and traits: the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the souls from Mars, the Sirians, the souls from Nihal, the Alpha Centauri, the Blueprinters, the Mintakans and the souls from Hadar, are the most common and famous ones.

Very often, Starseeds reincarnated on planet Earth, have strong feelings of not belonging, looking at the stars, searching for a home.

How To Know You Are A Starseed

Are you a Starseed? Here 5 indicators you are indeed from a different planet.

  1. You are an empath and emotionally very intelligent as you gained a lot of experience in different lives/worlds
  2. You are highly intuitive, very connected to your Higher Self and you have natural wisdom that you always use for the greatest good
  3. You have experience a spiritual awakening in your current life and you have manage to expand your consciousness
  4. You are very curious about other realities and worlds and naturally attracted to ancient times, aliens, star systems, metaphysic and anything that goes beyond life on Earth
  5. You have figured out the ultimate truth about transcension. We can transcend at any time whenever we want from our living room accepting the fact that transcension has got nothing to do with our human life but rather with the journey of our soul. (Listen more about Transcension “Understanding Spirituality, Awakening, Ascension And Enlightenment”)
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Author: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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