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What My Cat Knows - 33 Secrets to Live and Exist in Higher Consciousness Paola Borrescio

  • A book for anyone ready to start their journey into higher consciousness. An easy guide to understand, from a fresh point of view, spirituality, ascension and the fifth dimension of consciousness. A manuscript that will change forever the way you look at your pet and at yourself. A practical and easy guide to embrace spirituality into your daily life, to create an empowering human experience and to develop your self-awareness beyond the physical. No rituals, no “woo-woo”- just 33 secrets. "And one day, you will wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and you will find wrinkles on your face you never had before, you will find white hair you never had before, and you will suddenly realise how much time you spent rushing around chasing time ending up with no time at all. One day your time is going to be up, and you will cry over all the time you wasted running after time, begging to have a little bit more time to do the things you didn’t have time for. One day, you will beg to go back and do it all over again knowing what you know today, and you will. You will have another life to live with more awareness and more consciousness, a life you want to live with passion, with no watch, with love, with no regrets, with presence, with no rushing around, with magic, a life that allows you to breath, a life you can feel, a life you want to remember forever, a life so precious and unique, a life so bizarre, a life so hilarious, a life so full and plenty, a life nobody can take away from you, a life so bright, a life so intense, a life lived on your terms and you will help others to do the same because when it is the right time, you will know this is the only possible life."