Video Akashic Records Reading for Soul Realignment

Discover who you are on a soul level, Find out the best way to generate abundance, Learn how to be your true self

Our soul is unique. No two souls are the same. Our soul has got specific inner qualities and characteristics which are the secret to manifest permanent abundance in the current lifetime and in the future ones.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know what these qualities are and we end up creating a reality that does not belong to us, totally misaligned with our true capabilities and true self.

What does it mean practically?

Imagine a person with amazing communication skills, that that could potentially create a reality of abundance writing books and being a speaker, but because completely unaware of the characteristics of his soul, ends up taking a job as a banker feeling “off” and unhappy for the rest of his life.

This is the life of the majority of human beings on Earth. We don’t know who we are and so we identify with our job, or belongings, the beliefs of our Country, a religion, a political party.

But guess what? All these things are absolutely irrelevant.

Make no mistakes, very often, the characteristics of our soul that make us so unique, have got nothing to do with what we like doing in our current life.

Now imagine another situation where the same person finds the truth about his soul, aligning to it perfectly, making a lot of money but because of his inability to be responsible with it, he ends up in misery.

Karmic patterns that we generated by making specific choices can block our ability to fully appreciate and produce the life we want.

Having a VIDEO Soul Realignment Personal Reading can help you in uncovering the Blueprint of your soul and more specifically:

realigning to your own soul
discovering the inner qualities and characteristics of your soul
making drastic and permanent empowering changes to your life
removing negative karmic patterns
– understanding how to continuously generate positive karmic patterns
clearing blocks to abundance
– discovering the complete Blueprint of your soul
discovering where you are from and your soul group of origination
becoming fully responsible for your own life
– understanding how to permanently manifest abundance in different lifetimes
– understanding how to interrupt damaging cycles from past lives and the current one

The advantages of a VIDEO Soul Realignment Reading

You could be living anywhere in the world, you could have a very busy life, a big family to look after or nowhere quiet to go for a face-to-face session. Having a VIDEO Soul Realignment Reading solves all these problems! I will make a personalized video for you where I will present you with all the information you need about the characteristics, inner qualities, and natural talents of your soul, also finding where your blocks and negative karma patterns were originated and with whom (past lives and present life), and performing a clearing of your records from anything that is holding you back from having the abundant life you want to create and you DESERVE on a soul level.

How is the VIDEO Akashic Records Reading for Soul Realignment done?

  • I will ask you for your birth details during the booking process and access the fifth dimension of consciousness with a quantum jump to access the records.
  • I will finally present you all my findings in a personalised video sent to your e-mail address, also performing clearing of all the blocks.

Accessing the truth of our soul with an Akashic Records Reading gives us the chance to finally align to ourselves, make empowering choices, be better human beings, better mothers, better fathers, better partners, better friends, A BETTER US.

I do perform readings for kids (at least 3 months old) and teens as well for parents who want to genuinely know how to support the evolution and growth of their children.

Things to know before having a video reading of the Akashic Records with me:

  • This is video reading is one in a life time, you won’t need any more sessions. In this reading you get all the information you need to create a life of abundance for yourself and the collective.
  • It is a transformative video reading. Once the blocks are removed, your vibrations will rise and anything that no longer supports your evolution will naturally be removed over the next 12/18 months.
  • All blocks of this life and possibly past lives are found and removed.
  • With video reading you are sent a document called “21 days of energy transmutation” to be read for 21 days in a row to reprogram the human mind.

What the Video Akashic Records Reading Soul Realignment session includes

A complete reading covering:

  • the inner qualities of your soul,
  • soul group of origination your soul belongs to,
  • a complete profile of the characteristics of your soul to understand how to continuously create abundance,
  • blocks in your current life and past ones,
  • karmic patterns,
  • complete profile of the Blueprint of the soul,
  • clearing of blocks and negative patterns.

Q & A about a the Online Soul Realignment Reading

Q: Can I buy more than one?
A: Yes you can! Multiple purchases are allowed. If you are buying as a gift please, contact me to let me know the name of the person you are buying the reading for.

Q: Is it refundable?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Do you do readings for kids and teenagers?
A: Yes, I do. I do perform readings for kids (at least 3 months old) and teens as well for parents who want to genuinely know how to support the evolution and growth of their children.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you buy your reading through Paypal, I will contact you on the e-mail you provided with the Paypal payment to get the specifics and set clear intentions with you. Once the Video reading is ready, I will send it to you using a downloadable link.

For more info or more questions, please contact me.


*Services are not refundable.
*You must be at least 18 years old to purchase