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You are a Divine Being, worthy of love, abundance and greatness. You co-create your own reality with the Universe itself.

Having a Spiritual Awakening is not a walk in the park, it is more like been dropped in the woods with no water, no food, no shelter, no shower, in total darkness.

It can be overwhelming and scary.

The awakening is not something we decide, it is something that happens within us, a transformation occurs on the deepest level, on a soul level and we change completely.

The ego tries to resist to these inevitable changes, our old beliefs system crashes down, our relationships and boundaries are completely redefined, the way we see ourselves is not the same anymore because we are truly something different: Spiritual Beings having a temporary human experience.


3 Sessions of Coaching of 1 hour each – via Zoom

****If you are based in the USA, Australia or Asia, please contact me to get the price of the service in your currency.


This is the beginning of something even bigger. Have you ever noticed how some people go through life achieving every goal they set? Or they seem to have the Mida’s touch?

This is due to the fact that they are completely aligned to their true self, life purpose and soul mission. They are ONE in all aspects of their lives.
Their mind, body and soul are one entity thriving for the same holy grail.

Very often spirituality is confused with religion but they are two very different concepts.
When we awake, we understand there is no middle man to respond to, no supreme divine being judging us, there is no duality, there is no punishment.

We are the Universe, God, having experiences to learn and expand our consciousness, we understand that every soul has a very unique journey.

We get aware that we never truly die because our soul reincarnates until we are able to transcend completely the whole human experience until we are pure light ready to go home.

As a spiritual mentor, my job (and my honour) is to work with you on the root causes of your old beliefs system, helping you in letting go of the old to welcome the new.

I offer spiritual coaching as guidance during the awakening and ascension process to help you:

  • in strengthening the connection to your higher self and the Universe (develop a very strong intuition, become your future self staying in the present and communicate with the Divine!),
  • in removing limiting beliefs, fears, blockages and karma residue (overcome anxiety, confidence problems, stress, addictions and everything that is holding you back leading with confidence to a life of abundance!),
  • in aligning yourself to your true essence and the Universe (find your life purpose and soul mission and create your own reality from a place of unity and love, no dream is too big!).


How is it done?

I offer a package of 3 sessions of spiritual coaching (1 hour each) done on Zoom, recorded and sent to you for your convenience.

Order the service and use this page to book your first session!

3 Sessions of Coaching of 1 hour each – via Zoom

****If you are based in the USA, Australia or Asia, please contact me to get the price of the service in your currency.


Practitioner: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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*Services are not refundable. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the validity of the service (3 months) and remember to use it before it expires (date of payment).
*Cancellation policy for appointments is 24h if not respected the service will be charged and another appointment won’t be given.
*It is the responsibility of the buyer making sure to attend the appointment on time, any delay will be lost.
*Payment must be fulfilled at least 7 days prior to the first session
*You must be 18 years old to purchase


No one does coaching like her. She’s unique. Talking to her you really see and feel that she really wants to help you heal, to help you be a better version of yourself. She’s very calm, very understanding and doesn’t judge you. When she works with you, you can bet that she’s focusing only on YOU, tailoring the session or sessions for YOU ONLY. A lot of coaches seem to do things from a template, like a “one size fits all” kinda thing – she doesn’t. She doesn’t care where you’re from, what you do for a living or your social “status” – if you’re willing to really do the work and help yourself, she’ll help you with your issue(s) in a very effective way, with the best possible results. I can’t recommend her enough! She’s helped me a lot already and it has made my life a lot more positive. There’s no miracles here! If you do the work, if you’re open-minded, if you really help yourself, you’ll see great results every day!

Daniel Velhas

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