Online Life Between Lives Regression – Distant Afterlife Regression Session


Where do I come from?” – “Who am I?” – “What is in the afterlife?” These are the kind of questions we can answer accessing our life between lives.

As humans, we often ask ourselves questions likeWhere do we come from?” or “Who am I?” or “Is there something after death?”. When we start to awake, what we learn in the material world is not enough for us anymore, we want to know more about ourselves, about our journey, about our nature.

Having a life between lives regression can help us a great deal to make peace with a part of ourselves that we are not aware of, sometimes it can literally change the way we live our life, giving us very powerful insights.

In fact, understanding what happens when we leave our physical body and we go back to the spiritual plane between reincarnations, can help us in:

  • reconnecting with our soul group
  • understanding where we come from
  • understanding who we are (spiritual beings having a temporary human experience)
  • connecting with our spirit guides
  • connecting with our soul mates
  • learning about and embracing the afterlife journey
  • clarifying our purpose as souls in the never-ending story of existence
  • clarifying the lessons we are supposed to learn from the bigger perspective
  • reevaluating our role in our current life
  • reconnecting to our spirituality
  • experiencing the true essence of our soul
  • stepping into our Divine power

Life between lives purely means the space between reincarnations: from the point the soul leaves the body at the end of the past life, to the point where the soul reincarnates in the next one.

I use the Michael Newton method, a pioneer of the afterlife in the 60s when he was a Psychologist using hypnosis and regression for therapeutic purposes. He accidentally stumbled upon the afterlife concept when one of his clients one day, rather than describing a past life, started describing the space in between. From that moment on, Michael Newton decided to dedicate his career to life between lives regressions and the afterlife.

How is it done?

A Life between lives regression is done under deep hypnosis to allow you to relax and connect with your higher self, the part of you that knows everything. After accessing a past life, you will be revisiting the moment of your death without experiencing the physical pain or negative emotions related to it. From the moment your soul leaves your body, you will start your unique journey in the afterlife.

Your higher self will lead the games, he will decide what past life to show you for your greater good but I will be there as conduct making sure you are comfortable and safe.

During the session, you will be experiencing a quantum jump, we will go from the human world in the 3rd dimension to the spiritual one in the 5th dimension or higher. 

A life between lives regression session can last up to 3 hours but your higher self decides when to stop the connection through and within time, that is why the duration of the session itself can vary.

After the session, you might feel spaced out due to the quantum multidimensional jump, don’t worry, is completely normal!

It is done on Zoom, recorded and sent to you for your convenience.

Order the service and use this page to book your session!

Practitioner: Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor

Paola is an intuitive mentor helping as many as souls as possible in the awakening and ascension process during the shift into 5D consciousness. More Info.

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