Financial Abundance Realignment Video Reading

Find out why you fail to manifest financial abundance, Identify the blockages, Find out how your soul generates financial abundance

So many of us are in the situation where we are unable to manifest permanent financial abundance in the third dimension, the physical plane.

The reality is that there are 3 different situations that can completely block the flow of financial abundance:

1.Limiting beliefs that we have developed or inherited from the society/family we live in.

  1. Non-alignment. Each of us has innate talents and qualities to create abundance for ourselves and the collective in the third dimension but many of us are not aware of it and so we end up having jobs that do not belong to us.
    (If you are interested in a Soul Realignment session to discover your inner talents and qualities, click here).
  2. Blockages in different areas of our life. Did you know that even a diet low in nutrients or unbalanced relationships can completely block the doors to financial abundance?

Having a video reading for the realignment of financial abundance can help you find out how to manifest and create the reality you dream of and more specifically:

  • creating your own independent business being sure you are starting on the right foot
  • having clearer career goals and a tangible plan to reach your maximum potential
  • having clarity on clear and precise actions to be taken to improve your financial situation
  • wanting to completely change your mindset regarding money and financial abundance
  • wanting to create a business plan in full alignment without wasting time on tests or unprofitable activities
  • wanting to expand your investments with greater awareness
  • wanting to understand if existing investments are aligned with how your soul creates financial abundance

How to best prepare the information I will need for your video reading (this information will be requested during the booking process once you click on BOOK NOW!):

  • think of a clear goal that you would like to achieve in the next 6/12 months: for example “earn 8,000 euros per month by December 2021” – “get a promotion by April 2022” – “open a successful independent business by June 2022”
  • think about at least 5 actions you are currently taking to achieve your goals: example “post on Facebook” – “send curriculum vitae” – “have a partner” – “talk to a lawyer”
  • think of at least 5 actions that you know you will have to take in the future to achieve your goals: for example “rent an office”, “add services (specify which ones)”, “build a website”, “send newsletters”, “change company”, “talk with the boss “

The video reading is sent via e-mail with the free WeTransfer service.

Terms and Conditions

  • The service is non-refundable
  • The service is only available for those over 18 years old