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When we awaken and we ascend, the way we shop changes completely as it aligns with our higher-self and higher consciousness. Simply going to the mall or the usual shops to buy stuff, is not enough for us anymore. And so we look, we feel the energies, we do our research and we handpick with our heart. In this page, I have prepared a list of mindful small online shops that promote evolution, personal growth, joy and happiness.

Green People – Organic Natural Beauty Products (Worldwide)

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Green People offers a complete range of certified organic products for all of the family. Green People products are packed with up to 99% active natural and organic ingredients to protect, nourish, balance and, most importantly, respect your body.

…we as a family business, care for every single one of our customers, offering the same personal service that we always have.

Green People

To see all the products and buy, please click here or the banner below.

LSW Mind Cards (Worldwide) – Affirmations Positive Cards

A pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

By introducing positive habits into your every day, Mind Cards will give you the power to create the healthiest and happiest life for you.

 I wanted to make the secret to happiness more accessible to everyone in the most simple way! 

The Founder, Lily Sinclair Williams

To know more and buy these amazing cards, please click here or on the banner below.

The Ayurveda Experience – Self-care/Skin-Care/Hair-care Products (Worldwide)

‘The Ayurveda Experience’ is your one-stop platform for all things Ayurveda! Join 400,000 others in this amazing journey of optimised health and happiness.

Ayurveda: The Science of Life teaches us that when we are in Balance, we are our Healthiest & Happiest. Be your Best, get into Balance & maintain that state of Perfect Balance.

The Ayurveda Experience

To see all the products and shop, please click here or the banner below.

Evolution Organics – True Natural Health (Worldwide)

Founded in 2009 by Henry Maitland, Evolution Organics provides an authentic source of premium, natural and cutting-edge health food supplements and wellness products for people who know that quality matters. Ethically and environmentally aware, we work to support optimal health and fitness now and in the future. 

We believe that everything we sell will be genuinely good for your health and help you to live a fuller and happier life.

Evolution Organics

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BAM – Bamboo Clothing (Worldwide)

We’d genuinely rather make a bit less money and have loads of really pleased and satisfied customers and suppliers and have fun ourselves than go the awful corporate route of ‘get away with what you can, maximise profit and pretend to be whiter than white’.

Everyone gets treated fairly and responsibly, from the garment factory workers to the customer.

Bamboo Clothing

Not forgetting ourselves!

Every single customer has a voice that’s listened to – we depend on and evolve through suggestions received every day from our customers.

To know more and buy the products, please click here or on the banner below.

Planet Warrior – Eco Active Wear (UK)

We are an eco-brand based in Great Britain. We pride ourselves on products that help to combat plastic waste. Our mission is to keep the waters and beaches clean! Our products use plastic waste, eco-rubber and more and our packaging is all super eco-friendly down to the tissue paper, stickers and packing tape!

Our mission is to create fabulous, luxury products that you love whilst combating plastic.

Planet Warrior

To see the products and to purchase, please click here or the banner below.

Ethical Superstore – Vegan, Organic, Fair Trade, Eco Store (UK)

Ethical Superstore offers fair trade and green consumer products from the world’s leading ethical brands.
We offer access to all the major fair trade and green brands including Cafedirect, Traidcraft, People Tree, Green & Blacks, Divine, Ecover, Ecozone and many more. The full range includes gadgets, gifts, cosmetics, foods, beverages, books, plus handmade lifestyle and fashion products. 

To check the full range out and to buy, please click here or on the banner below.

Pendants By George – Handmade Pendants – Stones, Crystals and Wood (Worldwide)

I was born and raised in Southern California. I took cabinet making at a trade school and spent many years creating custom woodwork. I now live in beautiful Portugal. I have cut and polished stones in the past but never tried wire wrapping them. Now I no longer cut stones. Wire wrapping has become a passion and I focus my creativity on making one-of-a-kind pendants.  The stones I select are gifts from Nature and I like to think of the pendants I create as wearable Art.  

It is very important to me that you are happy with your purchase.  I take pride in my work and am honored that you chose to purchase something I made.    

George Baker

Better World Books (Worldwide) – Used Books

An award-winning, for-profit social enterprise and a global e-retailer that collects and sells used books online with a matching donation for each sale. We believe in the power of knowledge. So our goal is to help those who supply it and share it with those who crave it. Which is why every action we take, and every book purchase you make helps fund it.

Every time you purchase a book from BetterWorldBooks.com, we donate a book to someone in need.


For more info or to buy, please click the banner below.

Free Shipping Worldwide

The Humble Co. – Ethical and Sustainable Tooth Care Products (Worldwide)

We are a health & wellness company offering reliable and innovative products that are good for you and kind to our planet. We bring lifestyle into the static and traditional oral care and wellness categories. We are here for conscious and curious people who want appealing products without compromising quality and performance.

On our journey, we stay true to our values: professional, and simple, while keeping people and environment in mind.

The Humble Co.

**Please be aware that I have affiliate programs activated on this page which means that if you decide to purchase from here, I might earn a small commission.

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