Money Manifesting Mastery Certification with Andrrea Hess

Are you ready for your financial breakthrough?

We are, after all, Divine Beings in a human experience … and as such, we deserve a Divine Bank Account!

Your Divine Bank account is one that allows you to make all the choices you WANT to make … not the ones you can tolerate, not the ones you can currently afford, and not the choices that keep you “on budget.”

But of course … there’s so much more to financial abundance than just money!

Financial abundance is also about creating money without working MORE, or HARDER.

Without the precious resource of TIME, no amount of money can make us truly abundant!

In fact, financial abundance is about making enough money to fill your Divine Bank account, but with enough time to allow you to make the choices you want to make …

… and making that money the way you WANT.

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Financial abundance isn’t created by doing what you dislike.

It’s created by doing what brings you joy and fulfillment.

Whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur, or a professional pursuing a career in traditional employment … or you’re transitioning from one to the other …

…. creating a life of financial abundance is absolutely possible for you!

You are only limited by your own current perceptions of limitation.

Scarcity Is An Illusion.

The amount of money you’re currently attracting tells you to what degree you’re choosing to participate in that illusion.

The great thing is … you can opt-out of the illusion of scarcity at any time!  You have that power.

They live in a reality where abundance is expected, normal, even inevitable.  And you can CHOOSE to live in that reality, as well!

It’s completely up to you.

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Certification Program Lessons:
Lesson 1: Shifting Your Inner Value Perception
Lesson 2: Multi-Dimensionality And Setting Soul-Driven Intentions
Lesson 3: Shifting Your Vibrational State
Lesson 4: Attracting Financial Abundance
Lesson 5: Course-Correcting Your Manifesting Process

Here’s what you must bring to the table in order to be successful with this program:
  • The willingness to claim full ownership over ALL circumstances that you create into your human experience. Blame and victimization energies disempower us and make effective manifestation impossible!
  • The willingness to fully participate in this process, not just by listening to the classes, but actually doing the homework and taking action … you are responsible for your own results.
  • A beginner’s mind and sense of curiosity so that you can fully witness your manifesting process unfold.
  • The willingness to let go of both magical thinking, but also any current perceptions of limitation. Anything is possible as long as we work WITH Universal Law, rather than trying to bypass it.

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