Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Diploma Course – CERTIFICATION

Spirit guides offer us the understanding that we are not alone in this Universe – when we are challenged and call out for divine intervention, we will be given an answer. But how do we know when that answer comes? How will we hear and accept it? And how do we ensure that the various psychic channels to connection remain open? The Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Diploma Course provides answers to these questions and more.

The Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Diploma Course opens by answering the simple question, “What are spirit guides?”. You’ll explore the relationship between spirit guides and the higher self, and examine the ways you might experience their presence.

Spirit guides take various forms to commune with us, you’ll explore the primary forms they take and the functions that specific spirit guides carry out to help you progress along your life plan. You’ll learn the messages that specific animals spirit guides may bring to an individual and the difference between animal spirit guides and totems.

As part of the Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Diploma Course, you’ll be introduced to various psychic abilities and learn about the importance of setting intentions when communicating with spirit. 

Crystals are typically used by many mediums when attempting to connect with spirit guides. For this reason, you’ll examine exactly what they are, how to use them, and the different types of crystals that you might want to use.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have your own personal understanding of what spirit guides are and how they can help you on your life’s journey.
  • Have the ability to open yourself up to a higher awareness.
  • Be able to receive valuable guidance from your spirit guides.
  • Know how the relationship between your higher self and spirit guides are perceived within the spiritual community.
  • Be more familiar with the wide variety of tools and techniques used to connect and commune with your guides.
  • Have the skills to connect with your guides through divination, meditation and dream states.
  • Be aware of your vibration and how to raise it.
  • Be able to build a foundation for a long-lasting connection.

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Knowing that we have been put on this earth to live a particular life is one thing – actually following its plan is quite another. We all need support and turning to our spirit guides enables us to source that compassionate help.

The aim of the Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Diploma Course is to help you form your own personal connection to a higher intelligence and walk the path that is your purpose in life.

Certifications upon completion of the Spirit Guides Diploma Course

Upon completion of your course assessments, you receive 2 certificates. A certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners can also receive a certificate of achievement from Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the units the learner has completed as part of the course.

The Quality Licence Scheme is a leading national Awarding Organisation. It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

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Course Modules:

Module 1
  • Part 1: What Exactly is a Spirit Guide?
  • Part 2: Spirit Guides and the Higher Self
  • Part 3: How We Experience Our Spirit Guides
  • Part 4: Opening Yourself Up to Connection
Module 2
  • Part 1: Different Forms of Spirit Guides
  • Part 2: Main Types of Spirit Guides
  • Part 3: Animal Spirit Guides
Module 3
  • Part 1: What are Psychic Abilities?
  • Part 2: Increasing the Ability to Connect With Our Spirit Guides
  • Part 3: Working on Specific Skills
  • Part 4: Setting Your Intention
  • Part 5: Building a Spiritual Toolbox
Module 4
  • Part 1: What are Crystals?
  • Part 2: Working With Crystals to Connect With Spirit Guides
  • Part 3: The Importance of Grounding Stones
Module 5
  • Part 1: The Difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards
  • Part 2: The Power of Pendulums
  • Part 3: What is Scrying?
  • Part 4: The Art of Bibliomancy
Module 6
  • Part 1: What is Automatic Writing?
  • Part 2: How to Do Automatic Writing
  • Part 3: How to Know You Are Channelling Spiritual Guidance
Module 7
  • Part 1: What is Meditation?
  • Part 2: Preparing a Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides
  • Part 3: A Meditation Practice to Connect With Your Spirit Guides
Module 8
  • Part 1: The Power of Dreams
  • Part 2: Dream Recall
  • Part 3: How to Interpret Dreams and Dream Symbols
  • Part 4: What is Lucid Dreaming?
  • Part 5: What is Astral Travel?
Module 9
  • Part 1: Tuning Out Your Ego
  • Part 2: Fear
  • Part 3: Lack of Self-Belief
Module 10
  • Part 1: Daily Practices That Aren’t Practices
  • Part 2: Acknowledging the Sacred in Every Day
  • Part 3: Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities
  • Conclusion

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