Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani

Your Extraordinary Life Starts In Your Mind: Awaken It

Start Transforming Your Mind & Your Life With Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani’s Step-By-Step Formula For Unlocking Peak States Of Consciousness And Achieving The Impossible.

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For the student of personal growth searching for the ‘next level’ of self-mastery:

Do you feel you’re not growing or evolving to your fullest potential?

Is there a particular dream or goal you can’t seem to achieve, despite your best efforts?

And does much of the personal growth wisdom you study leave you feeling like something’s still missing?

Too many students of personal growth spend their entire lives never truly crossing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

And so we start believing that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts. To create opportunities seemingly out of thin air. And to even bend the fabric of reality in their favor.

But as you’re about to discover in the Be Extraordinary Quest, anyone is capable of ascending to this elusive level of self-mastery. And it all begins by evolving the level of consciousness you operate from.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Greater Self-Love: by discovering and embracing your true calling, you’ll gain a newfound love and respect for the unique and limitless being you are. Your choices, habits, and emotions will also improve, as they’re driven by this same sense of self-love.
  2. Greater Confidence: you’ll develop a sense of clarity of purpose and connection to the Universe itself – which in turn fills you with confidence to achieve and grow in extraordinary ways. The thought of failure will no longer hold you back.
  3. Freedom From Overwhelm: you’ll learn how to channel your full presence and focus into the present moment, making you far more productive and calm – even in the most challenging situations.
  4. Clarity Of Purpose: you’ll gain a crystal-clear vision of your unique purpose, and how to design an inspiring life that’s in perfect alignment with it. Thoughts like “is this the right path for me?” will no longer be an issue.
  5. Accelerated Goal Achievement: whether it’s a change you want to see in the world, a problem you want to solve, or even an illness you want to recover from – you’ll discover how to turn your thoughts into reality at an accelerated pace.
  6. Deeper Compassion: you’ll learn how to no longer divide or judge people based on religion, culture, or race. To you, every person regardless of belief or background will be part of the same collective consciousness.
  7. True Forgiveness: you’ll discover how to rise above petty differences and misunderstandings, and practice true, authentic forgiveness – both for yourself and others. Your relationships will dramatically improve as a result.
  8. Amplified Intuition: you’ll learn how to hone your gut feelings, so you’re always guiding yourself towards the best choices and decisions. Uncertainty and self-doubt will become distant memories for you.

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