Lara Morrone: Reiki Master and Energy Healing Facilitator


Lara is a Reiki Master and subtle Energy Healing Facilitator coming from years of traveling and working for over a decade in customer care in different sectors, she applied her experience in caring for people to the next level. She specialized in working with energetic systems, combining Reiki and intuitive guidance. Lara’s mission is to assist and serve people in their self-healing process, stimulating energetic coherence leading to a more balanced and harmonious life. 

Focus and Specialities
Reiki Healing – Guided Meditation – Intuitive Guidance – Subtle Energy work

Languages Lara Speaks
English – Italian – Spanish 

Online Session Available
Bookings Open Worldwide

Who’s Lara?

Lara is a dedicated energy healing facilitator and trainer, she helps people acknowledge their inner source of wisdom and harvest their light. She helps people train their personal perception of their spiritual parts.

The spiritual part of a human being is the most fundamental aspect of all life, and it’s as tangible as matter when you learn how to perceive it.

With Lara you work on integrating balance, harmony and energetic coherence in all that you are. 

The work isn’t limited to the spiritual component of your being. 
We train on the perceptions, intuitive intelligence, and interpretation of the world. 
To practically integrate that huge part that is so important for the full functioning of a human as a whole, and we do so while healing. 
Healing, transformation and spiritual evolution go hand in hand.

Popular Services Provided
Reiki Healing, Training Sessions, Healing Programs 

Energy Healing Facilitator Certificate
Reiki Level I Certificate
Reiki Level II and III (Master/Teacher) Certificate

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