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Choosing a professional in the spiritual and energy fields can be difficult as there are many options out there and sometimes we don’t know who could be the best person for us. For this reason, I have decided to put together a list of trusted professionals I personally know and I have worked with, hoping to help you in your choice and journey.

Daniel Velhas: Reiki Master Healer

Daniel is a Reiki Master Healer with over 10 years’ experience in Online Digital Marketing (male and female health and travel) and over 5 years’ experience in the hotel industry. Daniel’s path and mission is to help people heal themselves from any issue they might have in their life, so that they can have a more balanced, positive and fulfilled life.

Focus and Specialities
Reiki Healing – Reiki Crystal Healing – Angelic Healing – Candle Rituals

Languages Daniel Speaks
English – Portuguese

Online Session Available
Bookings Open Worldwide

Who’s Daniel?

Daniel is a Certified and Accredited Reiki Master/Teacher Healer, a Reiki Crystal Healer and an Angelic Healer, whose life path and purpose is to help those that really need healing heal themselves.

People with issues like lack of self-esteem, dealing with a lot of stress (at work, at home), job problems, money problems, confidence, purpose in life, relationship(s), procrastination, fears and many others can look for Daniel to help themselves heal. These are imbalances that almost everyone has, due to the world and societies that we live in. But when people recognise that they have a “wound” and are in need of healing, that’s when Daniel comes in and helps them get to a much more balanced and healthier life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Popular Services Provided
Reiki Healing, Reiki Crystal Healing, Candle Rituals

Angelic Healing Practitioner
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Reiki Level I Certificate
Reiki Level II Certificate
Reiki Level III (Master/Teacher) Certificate

Read all articles by Daniel Velhas: Blog
Website: TheLuxSplendida
Contact page to book his services.

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