10 Things To Remember When Moving In The 5th Dimension

How to reprogram our brains when we finally move to the 5th dimension of consciousness When we have our awakening and we ascend, our brain goes through a complete rewiring and our mind and our heart become one. Until everything we learn sinks in, we might feel the need to remind ourselves that no, we are notContinue reading “10 Things To Remember When Moving In The 5th Dimension”

10 Powerful Self-Love Tips For Ascension And Awakening

When we awake and we ascend, we go through a complete change in our awareness and consciousness and the way we take care of ourselves changes completely. First thing first, I would like to clarify a couple of concepts that are going to help you to understand why self-love is so important, no matter theContinue reading “10 Powerful Self-Love Tips For Ascension And Awakening”

How To Move To The 5th Dimension Of Consciousness

The fifth dimension is an unlimited reality where everything exists in the present moment. There is no attachment to things, labels, definitions, there is no duality like “good or bad” as we understand that everything happens for the greatest good and in order to allow our consciousness to expand.  Here, experiences can no longer be fitted inContinue reading “How To Move To The 5th Dimension Of Consciousness”

5 Indicators You Are A Starseed

In this article I a going to talk about 5 indicators and signs that indicate you are a Starseed. Before I get into it, I would like for you to let go of labels and definitions and focus on the reason why Startseeds reincarnate on Earth. Now, Starseeds are spiritual beings and souls reincarnated fromContinue reading “5 Indicators You Are A Starseed”

23 third eye awakening symptoms and ascension signs

As 2020 has been defined as the year of the awakening, I have decided to prepare this short article to help you understand what kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual changes you might be going through during your awakening and ascension. One of the first things that happen during ascension is that we change ourContinue reading “23 third eye awakening symptoms and ascension signs”

What Happens When We Move to The Fifth Dimension

When we are here, on the new Earth built from the 5th dimension of consciousness, our higher self  takes the lead. We finally fully remember who we are, where we come from, our mission and we use these memories to help others to remember as well when they are ready. It is here, in this placeContinue reading “What Happens When We Move to The Fifth Dimension”

5 Simple Techniques To Open Your Third Eye

The third eye chakra controls vision, intuition, perception of energies and dimensions, psychic abilities, illumination, inspiration and creativity. By many, it is considered the chakra of awakening – when is open, we see the truths behind what we can see with our physical eyes. Opening the Third Eye means literally accessing a different reality, a differentContinue reading “5 Simple Techniques To Open Your Third Eye”

5 Common Spiritual Awakening Physical Symptoms

If you are having a spiritual awakening or you are going through ascension, chances are you are experiencing a few uncomfortable physical symptoms. In this article, I am going to walk you through the most common 5 spiritual awakening physical symptoms giving you a few suggestions about how to treat them (these are not meantContinue reading “5 Common Spiritual Awakening Physical Symptoms”

10 Activities That Raise Your Vibrations

The more our vibrations (or frequencies) are high, the more our human body is able to repair itself, the more energy we have and the more our consciousness is able to reach a higher level, the 5th dimension. What “Raising The Vibrations” Really Means In these days, we keep hearing from spiritual teachers, successful YouTubersContinue reading “10 Activities That Raise Your Vibrations”