Energy is Information

To live a meaningful life is also to understand that nothing is here or there for no reason.

Means to be fully present to catch the hints; to live constantly, or as much as we can, with the curiosity of a child, looking with wonder to any bit of it.

If you step into conscious observation, you’ll notice inevitably that even the smallest grain of sand is there for a purpose and it holds in itself the greatest meaning.

That piece of paper that is floating in front of your nose, for example, contains potentially a piece of information to stir your attention toward something that will lead you in the proper direction. 

Being able to pay attention to everything that is moving “outside” of yourself is a way to pay attention to everything that is stirring within.

To interpret subtle information is to read and possibly align to the cosmic inherent coherence of forces. That’s what I call meaningful coherence.

It is when information aligns in a coherent manner, for that information is energy.

Anything has intrinsic or extrinsic coherence, everything follows a very precise pattern from the micro to the macro, from within so without.

Subtle Energy workers understand these patterns, some even see them, and it’s our job to facilitate the coherence in energetic fields. 

This can be done in many ways and with different modalities but it’s the same principle at the foundation of our work. We work to establish back a coherency in the energy field of the subject we focus on at that given moment, maybe a human bioelectrical field, a plant biofield, an animal or rock aka stone or mineral that we are able to “read” the subtle patterns, aka vibrations or frequencies, and either align accordingly or intentionally help others to do so.

The Connection between Lightworkers and Energy

I define the lightworkers as interpreters of this information or light codes, and if you think in these terms, becomes easy to understand how. Light is information traveling everywhere, doesn’t subject itself to any physical laws other than the ones that are visible and perceptible to humankind. It defeats space and time, but it does so following a specific pattern, to maintain coherency.

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Subtle Energy Healing Work is all about restoring the coherent flow of information. 

The language of the Cosmo is one of the coherent patterns; to learn that language, to interpret its meaning means to resonate and to be of service to others to use it to restore the proper flow.

There are many ways we are able to do so; one well known today as Reiki

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Reiki other than a healing modality. It is a discipline, many consider it an art and, personally, a powerful tool to experience and practical work with subtle energy.

Reiki is self-awareness. It brings us constantly up our personal evolutionary ladder, at our own pace. Healing with Reiki provides the opportunity to connect to our essence.

Reiki, amongst all other things, stimulates the conscious connection between you and your intuitive intelligence, facilitating the intimate connection to your most authentic self with compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love

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Author: Lara Morrone – Reiki Master and Energy Healing Facilitator

Lara’s mission is to assist and serve people in their self-healing process, stimulating energetic coherence leading to a more balanced and harmonious life. More info

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