23 third eye awakening symptoms and ascension signs

As 2020 has been defined as the year of the awakening, I have decided to prepare this short article to help you understand what kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual changes you might be going through during your awakening and ascension.

One of the first things that happen during ascension is that we change our perceptions of reality and we connect with our Higher Self because of our Third Eye finally opening up.

Here are 23 Third Eye awakening symptoms and ascension signs:

  1. We suddenly feel like our life is false
  2. We crave a meaningful existence and a life of purpose
  3. We start asking ourselves deep questions and we are very determined to find the answers we are looking for
  4. We realise that everything we have been told is a lie
  5. We feel completely lost and alone
  6. We start to see through the illusion of society and of the 3rd dimension
  7. We clearly see through the mask of people and how unhappy they are
  8. We feel the need to declutter our life getting rid of things, people and situations that don’t serve us anymore
  9. We suddenly develop deep empathy and compassion
  10. We desire to be alone and we feel the need to stay in silence
  11. Suddenly most conversations sound shallow
  12. We feel a strong desire to quit our 3rd-dimensional job and align with our Soul Blueprint
  13. We demand authenticity and truth from ourselves and others
  14. We become aware of our old disruptive habits and patterns
  15. We experience anxiety and/or depression out of nowhere
  16. We become more sensitive
  17. We feel the urge to make the world a better place to live in for everybody
  18. We deeply want to understand who we are
  19. Our intuition becomes our best friend
  20. We experience more synchronicities
  21. We feel more wonder and curiosity
  22. We start experiencing glimpses of unconditional love
  23. We see, feel and understand that we are all one

The new keywords we based our lives on, when our Third Eye opens up and we become more aware of the power of our consciousness and soul, are: empathy, love, compassion, truth, authenticity, wonder, curiosity, evolution, intuition, and uniqueness.


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